VideoMag: the Best Free Video Online Magazine Website Template VideoMag: the Best Free Video Online Magazine Website Template VideoMag: the Best Free Video Online Magazine Website Template

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Hence the name, VideoMag is the best free video website template for everyone who is starting an online magazine. Look no further since this is the web design that delivers everything you require to bring your vlogging on an entirely new level. Or even if you would like to create a general video magazine that consists of all sorts of different contents, again, VideoMag is the tool you should consider.

VideoMag is a mobile-ready and responsive layout, compatible with retina screens and all modern web browsers. It rocks a clean and smooth look for your videos to be the center of the focus. Moreover, each video opens in a pop-up for a seamless experience every single time. VideoMag is, as well, fully monetizable with its preset ad placements. There is also a fully featured contact page with Google Maps and active form and a newsletter subscription widget.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Razzmatazz #fa1564 rgb(250,21,100)
Chicago #605e5d rgb(96,94,93)
Atoll #086b6a rgb(8,107,106)
Woodsmoke #181b1c rgb(24,27,28)
Deep Blush #ed7097 rgb(237,112,151)
New York Pink #d07e79 rgb(208,126,121)
Cadillac #a44c6c rgb(164,76,108)
Calypso #2c647c rgb(44,100,124)
Soya Bean #64574b rgb(100,87,75)
Just Right #edccbe rgb(237,204,190)
Alizarin Crimson #e71a21 rgb(231,26,33)
Schooner #867f79 rgb(134,127,121)
Tabasco #8d2b0d rgb(141,43,13)
Pine Cone #65554b rgb(101,85,75)
New York Pink #d87e84 rgb(216,126,132)
Jelly Bean #2a80a5 rgb(42,128,165)
Comet #585c6c rgb(88,92,108)
San Juan #34586c rgb(52,88,108)
Dorado #5d4d48 rgb(93,77,72)
Contessa #c47c64 rgb(196,124,100)
Red Ribbon #d90634 rgb(217,6,52)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Firefly #0c1c21 rgb(12,28,33)
Chicago #5c5c5a rgb(92,92,90)
Celery #98c854 rgb(152,200,84)
Astral #3081a7 rgb(48,129,167)
Blue Bayoux #476d76 rgb(71,109,118)
Ebony #0b151e rgb(11,21,30)
San Juan #355669 rgb(53,86,105)
Antique Brass #c57d5f rgb(197,125,95)
Red Ribbon #e10735 rgb(225,7,53)
Scorpion #605b5a rgb(96,91,90)
Aztec #0c161c rgb(12,22,28)
Mine Shaft #312c2d rgb(49,44,45)
French Rose #f15a7c rgb(241,90,124)

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