Fantasy: a Free Innovative Blog Website Template Fantasy: a Free Innovative Blog Website Template Fantasy: a Free Innovative Blog Website Template Fantasy: a Free Innovative Blog Website Template

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Hence the name, Fantasy is a free innovative blog website template which will amaze and impress everyone. It has a clean and minimal web design that comes very appealing to the eye. No matter what you would like to write about or even creating a generic blog, you can do both effortlessly with Fantasy. The page canvas seamlessly adapts to all niches and creates an experience like they have not witnessed yet. Have them hooked right off the bat and grow your base of loyal readers above and beyond.

With Fantasy, you will have your blog up in a snap thanks to its amazing assets and striking characteristics. It also comes with a newsletter subscription and contact forms, Google Maps, sticky menu and cool hover effects. Tell your unique and exciting story with Fantasy.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Spicy Mix #8c6241 rgb(140,98,65)
Limed Ash #6d7062 rgb(109,112,98)
Nutmeg #7e4c24 rgb(126,76,36)
Taupe #42382d rgb(66,56,45)
Akaroa #d3c1a0 rgb(211,193,160)
Chambray #3c548c rgb(60,84,140)
Santas Gray #a3a3a7 rgb(163,163,167)
San Juan #344870 rgb(52,72,112)
Blue Bayoux #445c7a rgb(68,92,122)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
East Bay #3b567d rgb(59,86,125)
Tobacco Brown #725844 rgb(114,88,68)
Vin Rouge #9d405d rgb(157,64,93)
Congo Brown #623936 rgb(98,57,54)
Burnt Umber #8c2434 rgb(140,36,52)
Tobacco Brown #685545 rgb(104,85,69)
Persian Plum #691b27 rgb(105,27,39)
Dune #332f2c rgb(51,47,44)
San Juan #32546d rgb(50,84,109)
Pine Cone #6e584c rgb(110,88,76)
Dark Tan #6d0e19 rgb(109,14,25)
Dune #24201e rgb(36,32,30)
Stark White #eadfcd rgb(234,223,205)
Pesto #7b682b rgb(123,104,43)
Waikawa Gray #5b7193 rgb(91,113,147)
Blue Dianne #245a5e rgb(36,90,94)
Finch #545c44 rgb(84,92,68)
Sorrell Brown #ccb48c rgb(204,180,140)
Tan #cc9c84 rgb(204,156,132)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Irish Coffee #5d3926 rgb(93,57,38)
Masala #3c3532 rgb(60,53,50)
Pesto #85773c rgb(133,119,60)
Kashmir Blue #4e668c rgb(78,102,140)
Blue Dianne #22595e rgb(34,89,94)
Yellow Metal #75583e rgb(117,88,62)
Sorrell Brown #d2b999 rgb(210,185,153)
Contessa #c46c5c rgb(196,108,92)
Nevada #676c72 rgb(103,108,114)
Old Brick #882c1c rgb(136,44,28)
Woodsmoke #0b0e10 rgb(11,14,16)

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