Explore: a Free Travel Blog Website Template Explore: a Free Travel Blog Website Template Explore: a Free Travel Blog Website Template Explore: a Free Travel Blog Website Template

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You get a spectacular free travel blog website template once you download Explore which quick starts your project and gets you rolling. Explore is a contemporary, stylish, clean and elegant blogging template with neat features and fantastic performance. Moreover, the page canvas is also very simple to use and customize, as well as mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

If you are an avid adventurer, you will find Explore of great use. Put all your trips into compelling content and share your experience with the world. Split screen slideshow with call-to-action button, on scroll content load, newsletter subscription widget, social media buttons, parallax effect and working contact form are just some of the traits Explore treats you to. Start a new chapter in your life with the enticing and interest sparking Explore today.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sorrell Brown #c9a286 rgb(201,162,134)
Pale Oyster #9b907e rgb(155,144,126)
Ebony #0c141c rgb(12,20,28)
Hemlock #58533d rgb(88,83,61)
Pot Pourri #eedfd2 rgb(238,223,210)
Java #1dc4c4 rgb(29,196,196)
Gulf Stream #71a6ad rgb(113,166,173)
Java #0fb1b5 rgb(15,177,181)
Wedgewood #428996 rgb(66,137,150)
Downy #72d4d0 rgb(114,212,208)
Java #0eb9bb rgb(14,185,187)
Gulf Stream #8db6ba rgb(141,182,186)
Surfie Green #0b7286 rgb(11,114,134)
Shark #212122 rgb(33,33,34)
Fountain Blue #5ec1c1 rgb(94,193,193)
Hippie Blue #469ca4 rgb(70,156,164)
Sea Nymph #71a0a0 rgb(113,160,160)
Ming #3d898d rgb(61,137,141)
Russett #745c54 rgb(116,92,84)
Tan Hide #fc8c5c rgb(252,140,92)
Paradiso #398689 rgb(57,134,137)
Edward #9bafae rgb(155,175,174)
Spice #6b4132 rgb(107,65,50)
Plantation #29554d rgb(41,85,77)
Burning Sand #d98f72 rgb(217,143,114)
Salmon #fc8c5e rgb(252,140,94)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Firefly #0c2624 rgb(12,38,36)
Nandor #505351 rgb(80,83,81)
Vivid Tangerine #fb9a75 rgb(251,154,117)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Don Juan #5a5558 rgb(90,85,88)
Apricot #ec9579 rgb(236,149,121)
Abbey #4c5758 rgb(76,87,88)
Firefly #0b2423 rgb(11,36,35)
Shuttle Gray #56616e rgb(86,97,110)
Cameo #d8ae9f rgb(216,174,159)
Apricot #eb8b62 rgb(235,139,98)
Gunsmoke #7d8e8e rgb(125,142,142)
Big Stone #192039 rgb(25,32,57)
Ironside Gray #6c6b68 rgb(108,107,104)
Petite Orchid #dfa296 rgb(223,162,150)

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