Bueno: a Free Responsive Food Blog Website Template Bueno: a Free Responsive Food Blog Website Template Bueno: a Free Responsive Food Blog Website Template Bueno: a Free Responsive Food Blog Website Template

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If you are looking for a way to present your dishes in a unique and enticing way, Bueno is the free responsive food blog website template you need. It has all and everything that you need to launch your fresh page quickly, yet still keep the professional touch intact. No need to be building from scratch when you have the material at your fingertips, free of charge. Bueno is a very premium-like template with a lot of features and assets that will do you well.

From a carousel slider and mega menu to full-screen grid gallery, social media icons and a practical contact page with form and Google Maps. You can start right now and have your food blog ready shortly after. For your information, due to Bootstrap Framework, it will work smoothly on all devices, from handheld and all the way to desktop.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tussock #ba964a rgb(186,150,74)
Mongoose #b1a577 rgb(177,165,119)
Quincy #564528 rgb(86,69,40)
Lunar Green #414542 rgb(65,69,66)
Can Can #d59198 rgb(213,145,152)
Golden Grass #de9834 rgb(222,152,52)
Swamp Green #b6bb99 rgb(182,187,153)
Coffee Bean #1c0e0a rgb(28,14,10)
Tobacco Brown #6b5746 rgb(107,87,70)
Polo Blue #88b4d0 rgb(136,180,208)
Fire Bush #e8a02d rgb(232,160,45)
Locust #adb08b rgb(173,176,139)
Orange Roughy #c34420 rgb(195,68,32)
Dingley #6a7646 rgb(106,118,70)
Ziggurat #bdd5e2 rgb(189,213,226)
Wild Willow #acc464 rgb(172,196,100)
Indian Khaki #b9b48a rgb(185,180,138)
Calypso #306080 rgb(48,96,128)
Zambezi #5c5454 rgb(92,84,84)
Danube #549ccc rgb(84,156,204)
Astral #3374a4 rgb(51,116,164)
Gull Gray #9bacbb rgb(155,172,187)
Pickled Bean #6a3c20 rgb(106,60,32)
Go Ben #6d6849 rgb(109,104,73)
Havelock Blue #4997da rgb(73,151,218)
Anzac #dcae52 rgb(220,174,82)
Ironside Gray #6c6c64 rgb(108,108,100)
Quincy #5d3e2c rgb(93,62,44)
Sandstone #74645c rgb(116,100,92)
Mustard #fcdc54 rgb(252,220,84)
Saffron #f2b927 rgb(242,185,39)
Roman Coffee #835f4d rgb(131,95,77)
Sambuca #36140e rgb(54,20,14)
Kabul #574e3f rgb(87,78,63)
Bone #e0d5bd rgb(224,213,189)
Laser #c8a879 rgb(200,168,121)
Flint #736f6a rgb(115,111,106)
Shingle Fawn #6d4a32 rgb(109,74,50)
Mondo #4a3f2f rgb(74,63,47)
Fire Bush #e48c38 rgb(228,140,56)
Tumbleweed #dfb581 rgb(223,181,129)
Go Ben #6f7446 rgb(111,116,70)
Shingle Fawn #714a34 rgb(113,74,52)
Cape Palliser #987747 rgb(152,119,71)
Tulip Tree #ecad49 rgb(236,173,73)

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