NewsFlex: a Free Responsive News Website Template NewsFlex: a Free Responsive News Website Template NewsFlex: a Free Responsive News Website Template NewsFlex: a Free Responsive News Website Template NewsFlex: a Free Responsive News Website Template

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NewsFlex is a free responsive news website template for all types of online magazines and newspaper-like pages. With ease, you can approach designing your beautiful web space that will drive your online project forward, attracting a horde of new readers and loyal followers. Take to your advantage NewsFlex’s clean and minimal web design that focuses on content first and foremost.

Awesome transitions, slider, video support, mega and drop-down menus, social media icons and monetization ready are some of the goodies of NewsFlex. The tool comes with preset ad placements which you can later put to use for advertisements. Moreover, NewsFlex is also entirely responsive and flexible what makes your page instantly appear on all devices, from handheld to desktop. Wherever they come from, your readers will always enjoy the same fantastic experience.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Whiskey #d19b74 rgb(209,155,116)
Pine Cone #6c5f58 rgb(108,95,88)
Luxor Gold #a16f2d rgb(161,111,45)
Abbey #4c4e57 rgb(76,78,87)
Parchment #f3e5d6 rgb(243,229,214)
Indigo #4c84c4 rgb(76,132,196)
Hippie Blue #549ca4 rgb(84,156,164)
Blue Dianne #244c64 rgb(36,76,100)
Cocoa Brown #241c1a rgb(36,28,26)
Akaroa #d8c1ac rgb(216,193,172)
Copper #b07a3d rgb(176,122,61)
Boulder #7b7576 rgb(123,117,118)
San Juan #2f4669 rgb(47,70,105)
Millbrook #654839 rgb(101,72,57)
Cameo #d5b79c rgb(213,183,156)
Golden Dream #e9cc34 rgb(233,204,52)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Blue Zodiac #0c1c34 rgb(12,28,52)
Mid Gray #6c6c70 rgb(108,108,112)
Straw #cec481 rgb(206,196,129)
Ripe Lemon #f5d114 rgb(245,209,20)
Silver Chalice #a4a3a3 rgb(164,163,163)
Luxor Gold #a99036 rgb(169,144,54)
Woodsmoke #171819 rgb(23,24,25)
Confetti #e9d454 rgb(233,212,84)
Eastern Blue #14acb9 rgb(20,172,185)
Mid Gray #5c5c64 rgb(92,92,100)
Oracle #387e71 rgb(56,126,113)
Bunker #070a0b rgb(7,10,11)
Akaroa #d8ccac rgb(216,204,172)
Oracle #388075 rgb(56,128,117)
Beaver #8e7357 rgb(142,115,87)
Eastern Blue #15a5b7 rgb(21,165,183)
Emperor #575353 rgb(87,83,83)
Tulip Tree #ebc03b rgb(235,192,59)
Tulip Tree #e6c836 rgb(230,200,54)
Flint #6c645c rgb(108,100,92)
Corn Harvest #8d750f rgb(141,117,15)
Cod Gray #0c0c0c rgb(12,12,12)
Marigold Yellow #f9e16d rgb(249,225,109)
Straw #d4c47c rgb(212,196,124)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Eternity #1c180c rgb(28,24,12)
Chicago #5c5c5b rgb(92,92,91)
Buttered Rum #9e800f rgb(158,128,15)
Zorba #a99888 rgb(169,152,136)
Russet #815f18 rgb(129,95,24)
Chicago #5a5552 rgb(90,85,82)
Energy Yellow #f6db58 rgb(246,219,88)
Earls Green #cbb441 rgb(203,180,65)
Dawn #9f9d9c rgb(159,157,156)
Mirage #121626 rgb(18,22,38)
Storm Dust #6b6b68 rgb(107,107,104)
Fall Green #ede8c6 rgb(237,232,198)

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