Opium: a Free HTML Personal Blog Website Template Opium: a Free HTML Personal Blog Website Template Opium: a Free HTML Personal Blog Website Template Opium: a Free HTML Personal Blog Website Template

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If you truly want to differentiate yourself from the masses, Opium is the free HTML personal blog website template that you need. Not only is the web design of Opium innovative and creative, but the performance of this template is also of the highest quality. Whether they use a handheld or desktop device, Opium makes sure your blog readjusts to the gadget of choice instantly. The tool is also compatible with retina-screens and modern web browsers for an always seamless experience.

Unique banner with posts slider, widget rich sidebar and footer, Instagram feed, newsletter subscription and social media icons, these are just a few of the features of Opium. Stunning fonts, clean look and beautiful content presentation combined with the assets create a sophisticated web space everyone will enjoy reading and skimming through. What’s more, feel free to edit and adjust Opium however you see it fit your personal blogging project best and shine.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Nutmeg #813529 rgb(129,53,41)
Sand Dune #7f6c5c rgb(127,108,92)
Cork #3b251b rgb(59,37,27)
Dorado #6c5a55 rgb(108,90,85)
Antique Brass #cf8460 rgb(207,132,96)
Tan #d1b28b rgb(209,178,139)
Gunsmoke #858e8a rgb(133,142,138)
Spicy Mix #7d543b rgb(125,84,59)
Mineral Green #40645c rgb(64,100,92)
Sorrell Brown #c4a080 rgb(196,160,128)
Spicy Mix #835c3f rgb(131,92,63)
Mantle #8f9792 rgb(143,151,146)
Quincy #593e2b rgb(89,62,43)
Cod Gray #1d1918 rgb(29,25,24)
Tan #d6b790 rgb(214,183,144)
Sorrell Brown #c6a285 rgb(198,162,133)
Xanadu #6a7e74 rgb(106,126,116)
Gable Green #14262e rgb(20,38,46)
Tundora #4f4442 rgb(79,68,66)
Cameo #dbbd9f rgb(219,189,159)
Ironstone #824f3b rgb(130,79,59)
Norway #a1b1a0 rgb(161,177,160)
Asphalt #170a09 rgb(23,10,9)
Merlin #45423d rgb(69,66,61)
Cashmere #e8caac rgb(232,202,172)
Driftwood #af8048 rgb(175,128,72)
Patina #5c948c rgb(92,148,140)
Dallas #785428 rgb(120,84,40)
Birch #343124 rgb(52,49,36)
Akaroa #d7c4a5 rgb(215,196,165)
Muddy Waters #b49454 rgb(180,148,84)
Dusty Gray #a88f92 rgb(168,143,146)
Citron #acb424 rgb(172,180,36)
Leather #94744c rgb(148,116,76)
Cornflower Blue #7c84f4 rgb(124,132,244)
Laser #c7a573 rgb(199,165,115)
Cutty Sark #4a746c rgb(74,116,108)
Bull Shot #7e5024 rgb(126,80,36)
Zeus #2c271b rgb(44,39,27)
Akaroa #d4c0a5 rgb(212,192,165)
Medium Purple #7270de rgb(114,112,222)
Bouquet #b697ad rgb(182,151,173)
Lucky #acab1b rgb(172,171,27)
Dove Gray #716a68 rgb(113,106,104)
Pavlova #dcc79d rgb(220,199,157)

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