Foode: a Free Food Blog Website Template Foode: a Free Food Blog Website Template Foode: a Free Food Blog Website Template Foode: a Free Food Blog Website Template

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If you are passionate about cooking and coming up with creative recipes, Foode is most likely the free food blog website template for you. Because, why wouldn’t you want to share your creations with the entire world, right, and grow your delicious and tasty project? That said, act quickly, download the page canvas now and start the customization process. Add your content and have a page finished before your brain is even capable of processing it.

Carousels, drop-down menu, sticky navigation, Instagram slider and a solid series of other features and assets welcome every Foode user. And it just happens that this spectacular free food blog website template is a click away, waiting vividly to be put to use. With its timeless design, your blog, based on Foode, will always feel novel.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Yellow Metal #7d6438 rgb(125,100,56)
Coral Reef #c5baa0 rgb(197,186,160)
Black Marlin #3b2918 rgb(59,41,24)
Blue Bayoux #4b637d rgb(75,99,125)
Rob Roy #edbe70 rgb(237,190,112)
Tan #d0b485 rgb(208,180,133)
Brandy Rose #ba887f rgb(186,136,127)
Rope #8c4719 rgb(140,71,25)
Go Ben #78754e rgb(120,117,78)
Hampton #e6d2b1 rgb(230,210,177)
Cumin #904a25 rgb(144,74,37)
Friar Gray #888886 rgb(136,136,134)
Cork #42281b rgb(66,40,27)
Rangoon Green #1c1a15 rgb(28,26,21)
Brandy #dabe8d rgb(218,190,141)
Potters Clay #865037 rgb(134,80,55)
Oslo Gray #8a9192 rgb(138,145,146)
San Juan #2c5474 rgb(44,84,116)
Thunder #282326 rgb(40,35,38)
Sorrell Brown #ceb795 rgb(206,183,149)
Old Rose #c78b7d rgb(199,139,125)
Friar Gray #878783 rgb(135,135,131)
Ironstone #844f39 rgb(132,79,57)
Judge Gray #573f34 rgb(87,63,52)
Tumbleweed #deb28b rgb(222,178,139)
Twine #bf8650 rgb(191,134,80)
Mongoose #b6a281 rgb(182,162,129)
El Salva #984c38 rgb(152,76,56)
Shark #202429 rgb(32,36,41)
Jaffa #ec743f rgb(236,116,63)
Driftwood #af804a rgb(175,128,74)
Hillary #af9f8c rgb(175,159,140)
Irish Coffee #5d4427 rgb(93,68,39)
Masala #413836 rgb(65,56,54)
Di Serria #d59857 rgb(213,152,87)
Tussock #c58946 rgb(197,137,70)
Tan #c79d7f rgb(199,157,127)
Potters Clay #8e5334 rgb(142,83,52)
Woody Brown #40302c rgb(64,48,44)
Sorrell Brown #d1bd92 rgb(209,189,146)
Mule Fawn #8a4a2f rgb(138,74,47)
Gray #878383 rgb(135,131,131)
Irish Coffee #623521 rgb(98,53,33)
Cocoa Brown #211c1a rgb(33,28,26)
Di Serria #d29950 rgb(210,153,80)

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