Foodblog: a Free Food Blog Website Template Foodblog: a Free Food Blog Website Template Foodblog: a Free Food Blog Website Template

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If you are passionate about cooking and coming up with unique recipes, Foodblog is the free food blog website template that you need. Instead of looking elsewhere, this site canvas has you sorted out with all the required and then some. And it does not cost you a dime to look and appear professional on the web. How cool is that?

Foodblog arises with a beautiful and attractive full-width slider, super smooth and clean web design and an array of fantastic and practical features. Recipe section comes with a handy search option, contact page is equipped with an active form and home with a distinctive appearance. Create a strong first impression, water their mouth and have them hooked forever, it is Foodblog free food blog website template that will do the trick.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Night Shadz #ac3748 rgb(172,55,72)
Dingley #586f46 rgb(88,111,70)
Redwood #621c0f rgb(98,28,15)
Cutty Sark #55777c rgb(85,119,124)
Tacha #b9d364 rgb(185,211,100)
Raw Sienna #c87d44 rgb(200,125,68)
Spicy Mix #845e43 rgb(132,94,67)
El Salva #8a3430 rgb(138,52,48)
Kabul #56493a rgb(86,73,58)
Vanilla Ice #edc0e7 rgb(237,192,231)
Tumbleweed #dbad85 rgb(219,173,133)
Bazaar #9d7078 rgb(157,112,120)
Old Brick #8c2a1b rgb(140,42,27)
Armadillo #4f483f rgb(79,72,63)
We Peep #eebde6 rgb(238,189,230)
Golden Tainoi #fccc54 rgb(252,204,84)
Oslo Gray #95989c rgb(149,152,156)
Copper Rust #9c4c44 rgb(156,76,68)
Ebony Clay #1e2130 rgb(30,33,48)
Golden Sand #f6d079 rgb(246,208,121)
Saffron Mango #faca55 rgb(250,202,85)
Oslo Gray #969898 rgb(150,152,152)
Fiery Orange #ac3f13 rgb(172,63,19)
Mirage #181926 rgb(24,25,38)
Amaranth #e93b6a rgb(233,59,106)
Donkey Brown #a09179 rgb(160,145,121)
Ironstone #8e4c40 rgb(142,76,64)
Armadillo #3b3a2d rgb(59,58,45)
Golden Sand #f6d478 rgb(246,212,120)
Copper #b67c3a rgb(182,124,58)
Finlandia #5e6e5d rgb(94,110,93)
Mule Fawn #93472a rgb(147,71,42)
Heavy Metal #171816 rgb(23,24,22)
Amaranth #ef344a rgb(239,52,74)

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