Quitelight: a Free Creative Magazine Website Template Quitelight: a Free Creative Magazine Website Template Quitelight: a Free Creative Magazine Website Template

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Creativity knows no boundaries and nor does Quitelight free creative magazine website template. Regardless of the niche, you would like to enter, or even if you are crafting a general news page, Quitelight is here to sort things out for you. The layout is based on Bootstrap Framework for flexibility and responsiveness, retina-ready and compatible with all major web browsers. No matter what device or platform they use to visit your online magazine, Quitelight makes sure to always display the content in the same astonishing fashion.

Quitelight comes with a one-of-a-kind banner with carousel slider, drop-down menu, social media links and newsletter subscription widget. You can use Quitelight for topics like travel, beauty, music, art, science, business, politics or even something entirely different. Get things going now with Quitelight free creative magazine website template and shine online.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Hokey Pokey #cdae2a rgb(205,174,42)
Cloudy #ada9a7 rgb(173,169,167)
Claret #8f1c43 rgb(143,28,67)
Mid Gray #6c6c6e rgb(108,108,110)
Energy Yellow #f3dc4e rgb(243,220,78)
Picton Blue #35b9ee rgb(53,185,238)
Clay Creek #8b8665 rgb(139,134,101)
Downriver #0c2c4d rgb(12,44,77)
Au Chico #8d555d rgb(141,85,93)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Dark Blue #062fdd rgb(6,47,221)
Au Chico #8c515a rgb(140,81,90)
Cloud Burst #203143 rgb(32,49,67)
Buccaneer #692f38 rgb(105,47,56)
Pink Flare #e1c0c6 rgb(225,192,198)
Persian Green #07b5ac rgb(7,181,172)
Soya Bean #645c52 rgb(100,92,82)
Venice Blue #0a4d8c rgb(10,77,140)
Cape Cod #323838 rgb(50,56,56)
Wild Rice #edde92 rgb(237,222,146)
Energy Yellow #f3da4f rgb(243,218,79)
Stack #969796 rgb(150,151,150)
Black Marlin #3c2f1b rgb(60,47,27)
Shuttle Gray #51616a rgb(81,97,106)
Zombie #dfcf90 rgb(223,207,144)
Persian Green #06b5ac rgb(6,181,172)
Dove Gray #696462 rgb(105,100,98)
Venice Blue #074a8a rgb(7,74,138)
Tapa #77766e rgb(119,118,110)
Ronchi #e9c64e rgb(233,198,78)
Starship #f4dd4b rgb(244,221,75)
River Bed #4e5d69 rgb(78,93,105)
Tamarillo #a51315 rgb(165,19,21)
Bistre #3d2c1e rgb(61,44,30)
Brandy #dcc796 rgb(220,199,150)

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