Wordsmith: a Free Blogging Website Template Wordsmith: a Free Blogging Website Template Wordsmith: a Free Blogging Website Template

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There are little words needed to describe Wordsmith free blogging website template accurately. It is an absolutely phenomenal tool for setting yourself up with the ideal web space for your compelling and persuasive articles regardless of the niche. That is correct, it does not matter what you are passionate about, Wordsmith is ready to manage any and every niche. Even if it is a multi-niche blog/news page, you can do it with Wordsmith, too.

Right off the bat, Wordsmith hits you with a unique slider which you can use either for latest posts or the ones that are the most popular. But there is no need for you to play by the rules. With Wordsmith, you can easily go against the norm and do your thing as it is fully customizable and flexible.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Brown Rust #bc7142 rgb(188,113,66)
William #395d69 rgb(57,93,105)
Asphalt #140c07 rgb(20,12,7)
Aztec #182624 rgb(24,38,36)
Aqua Spring #f4fcf8 rgb(244,252,248)
Lochinvar #2f8891 rgb(47,136,145)
Waterloo #757194 rgb(117,113,148)
Boston Blue #349eb1 rgb(52,158,177)
Woodsmoke #131819 rgb(19,24,25)
Copperfield #de8868 rgb(222,136,104)
Ming #3d7d8a rgb(61,125,138)
Au Chico #935753 rgb(147,87,83)
Plantation #285455 rgb(40,84,85)
Bunker #0f1517 rgb(15,21,23)
Whiskey #cf915c rgb(207,145,92)
Half Baked #91bfd3 rgb(145,191,211)
Hippie Blue #6498ac rgb(100,152,172)
Blue Dianne #254d5e rgb(37,77,94)
Cod Gray #070707 rgb(7,7,7)
Regent St Blue #a7d2e4 rgb(167,210,228)
Hokey Pokey #bcac2c rgb(188,172,44)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Lucky Point #11145c rgb(17,20,92)
Woodsmoke #0d0d12 rgb(13,13,18)
Cape Palliser #a05d46 rgb(160,93,70)
Hippie Blue #689aaf rgb(104,154,175)
Bunting #1d1f5b rgb(29,31,91)
Black #050505 rgb(5,5,5)
Half Baked #95c3d7 rgb(149,195,215)
Husk #b99e48 rgb(185,158,72)
Waikawa Gray #636c96 rgb(99,108,150)
Bunting #111741 rgb(17,23,65)
Woodsmoke #090a0b rgb(9,10,11)
Ship Cove #7880bf rgb(120,128,191)

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