Fantom: a Free Blogging Website Template Fantom: a Free Blogging Website Template Fantom: a Free Blogging Website Template Fantom: a Free Blogging Website Template

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If you would like to start something fresh and novel, get your hands on Fantom free blogging website template this minute. By now, you know what you would like to do, you just do not know yet how to make it happen. It is Fantom, the unique and innovative website template for blogs of all niches, which will help you out. Set up a web space ASAP and turn it into a destination.

Fantom rocks a full-width carousel slider, widget-rich sidebar and footer, drop down menu and social media buttons. It is also fully equipped with comments, Google Maps and an active contact form. Fantom’s banging web design and great performance in combination with your captivating posts kick off your blogging journey in style. Now is the right time to take things into your hands and launch the blog you always wanted to run.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Can Can #d386ba rgb(211,134,186)
Mulled Wine #4f4766 rgb(79,71,102)
Disco #84174c rgb(132,23,76)
Falcon #7b596b rgb(123,89,107)
Tan #cca17c rgb(204,161,124)
Santa Fe #b07454 rgb(176,116,84)
Fuscous Gray #54544c rgb(84,84,76)
Desert #ac5820 rgb(172,88,32)
Taupe #4a3b33 rgb(74,59,51)
Anzac #e0b048 rgb(224,176,72)
Tulip Tree #ea9e3e rgb(234,158,62)
Rodeo Dust #c4ad9c rgb(196,173,156)
Rope #95481a rgb(149,72,26)
Sandstone #766760 rgb(118,103,96)
Akaroa #d9c3ac rgb(217,195,172)
Deco #dbd689 rgb(219,214,137)
Sandstone #7d7269 rgb(125,114,105)
Chalet Green #546c34 rgb(84,108,52)
Lotus #763a3a rgb(118,58,58)
Confetti #e8de4d rgb(232,222,77)
Lavender Magenta #e960cd rgb(233,96,205)
Nevada #5e666b rgb(94,102,107)
Luxor Gold #9c852e rgb(156,133,46)
Verdigris #5b5636 rgb(91,86,54)
Chenin #dbd577 rgb(219,213,119)
Brilliant Rose #f44c9c rgb(244,76,156)
Falcon #7c5c64 rgb(124,92,100)
Old Brick #942434 rgb(148,36,52)
Matterhorn #4f3743 rgb(79,55,67)
Viola #cc94c4 rgb(204,148,196)
Tussock #bc8c40 rgb(188,140,64)
Au Chico #8c645c rgb(140,100,92)
Dallas #624921 rgb(98,73,33)
Scarpa Flow #50505c rgb(80,80,92)
Violet Red #f4348c rgb(244,52,140)
Violet Red #f2348f rgb(242,52,143)
Bouquet #aa8592 rgb(170,133,146)
Burnt Umber #882435 rgb(136,36,53)
Cocoa Brown #2e1b23 rgb(46,27,35)
Hopbush #cd71aa rgb(205,113,170)
Violet Red #f3388d rgb(243,56,141)
Dove Gray #716766 rgb(113,103,102)
Medium Carmine #a74d37 rgb(167,77,55)
Tundora #4a3e45 rgb(74,62,69)
Pavlova #d9c094 rgb(217,192,148)

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