Ednews: a Free News Website Template Ednews: a Free News Website Template Ednews: a Free News Website Template Ednews: a Free News Website Template

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All you need is Ednews free news website template, and you can create the unique, stories-packed online magazine you always wanted. It is a professional website skin with a great deal of excellent features which you can utilize right after the download. Ednews is responsive, retina ready, as well as optimized for search engines and modern web browsers. With this Bootstrap template, you are safe and secure that your page will always work and appear beautifully regardless of the device your readers use.

Social media buttons, widget-rich sidebar and footer, awesome selection of colors and eye-friendly typography, Ednews makes sure everyone is satisfied. Deliver them compelling content and they will love coming back for more. Create a web space with the latest news and start something fresh and novel with Ednews.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Torea Bay #0d2e8c rgb(13,46,140)
Kashmir Blue #4c7796 rgb(76,119,150)
Arapawa #0c0d68 rgb(12,13,104)
Cocoa Brown #1e1614 rgb(30,22,20)
Cinnabar #e24e42 rgb(226,78,66)
Royal Blue #5478e7 rgb(84,120,231)
Gray Chateau #a2a6a9 rgb(162,166,169)
Deep Koamaru #102874 rgb(16,40,116)
Woodsmoke #141316 rgb(20,19,22)
Flamingo #f44442 rgb(244,68,66)
Golden Grass #dda431 rgb(221,164,49)
Oslo Gray #989ea0 rgb(152,158,160)
Paradiso #3c948c rgb(60,148,140)
Woodsmoke #151517 rgb(21,21,23)
Picton Blue #3fcaed rgb(63,202,237)
Steel Blue #4480b8 rgb(68,128,184)
Soya Bean #5c5647 rgb(92,86,71)
Sycamore #967c3e rgb(150,124,62)
Woodsmoke #121615 rgb(18,22,21)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Equator #e5b560 rgb(229,181,96)
Oslo Gray #93989d rgb(147,152,157)
Fern Frond #62681c rgb(98,104,28)
Log Cabin #191a17 rgb(25,26,23)
Valencia #db4a46 rgb(219,74,70)
Pelorous #38acbe rgb(56,172,190)
Zambezi #6a575a rgb(106,87,90)
Ocean Green #3c947c rgb(60,148,124)
Woodsmoke #161a1c rgb(22,26,28)
Antique Brass #cc845c rgb(204,132,92)
Jacarta #2f3072 rgb(47,48,114)
Camouflage Green #747c6c rgb(116,124,108)
Lucky Point #1d1e71 rgb(29,30,113)
Comet #585988 rgb(88,89,136)
Pelorous #2da7b9 rgb(45,167,185)
Scorpion #666063 rgb(102,96,99)
Casal #315a67 rgb(49,90,103)
Woodsmoke #141618 rgb(20,22,24)
Tussock #ce955a rgb(206,149,90)
Ship Cove #797dc1 rgb(121,125,193)
Mid Gray #63636c rgb(99,99,108)
Port Gore #1c1f3d rgb(28,31,61)
Zeus #201c18 rgb(32,28,24)
Periwinkle Gray #afbde1 rgb(175,189,225)

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