Newsbit: a Fantastic Free Cryptocurrency Blog Website Template Newsbit: a Fantastic Free Cryptocurrency Blog Website Template Newsbit: a Fantastic Free Cryptocurrency Blog Website Template

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Newsbit is a fantastic free cryptocurrency blog website template for you to start something fresh in the coin market. You can use it for a general news page, you can use it for sharing your own tricks and tips or even for a mixture of both. Newsbit has all the features and assets that you need to cover all your online project ideas and get it rocking the web.

From clean and elegant web design to full responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, Newsbit is here to take care of all your plans and helps you realize them. Awesome widgets, drop-down menu and loads more material await you. Download Newsbit now and start the online cryptocurrency news page that you always wanted today. You could not be readier than you are at this moment in time.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sun #f8b408 rgb(248,180,8)
Soya Bean #615e50 rgb(97,94,80)
Mandalay #a67c16 rgb(166,124,22)
Bistre #3a281d rgb(58,40,29)
Ronchi #edcc43 rgb(237,204,67)
Yellow Metal #745c36 rgb(116,92,54)
Jumbo #86848b rgb(134,132,139)
Quincy #644730 rgb(100,71,48)
Flint #6c645c rgb(108,100,92)
Raffia #ebd7ba rgb(235,215,186)
Tulip Tree #e4b739 rgb(228,183,57)
Sand Dune #7e6c5b rgb(126,108,91)
Irish Coffee #674329 rgb(103,67,41)
Cocoa Brown #342824 rgb(52,40,36)
Cashmere #e3bca7 rgb(227,188,167)
Dodger Blue #3c94fc rgb(60,148,252)
Dove Gray #746c6c rgb(116,108,108)
Reef Gold #a47c1c rgb(164,124,28)
Fedora #696869 rgb(105,104,105)
Malibu #5cb4fc rgb(92,180,252)
Dodger Blue #4fa4fc rgb(79,164,252)
Pablo #746b60 rgb(116,107,96)
Quincy #643c2c rgb(100,60,44)
Fuscous Gray #494845 rgb(73,72,69)
Antique Brass #cc8c6c rgb(204,140,108)
Buttercup #f2b516 rgb(242,181,22)
Sandal #ae8071 rgb(174,128,113)
Crowshead #1d0907 rgb(29,9,7)
Kabul #604a3d rgb(96,74,61)
Dodger Blue #3c93fb rgb(60,147,251)
Tussock #c9954b rgb(201,149,75)
Del Rio #ac9389 rgb(172,147,137)
Cape Palliser #9c5e46 rgb(156,94,70)
Flint #736e68 rgb(115,110,104)
Dodger Blue #429dfb rgb(66,157,251)

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