Callie: a Free Magazine and News Website Template Callie: a Free Magazine and News Website Template Callie: a Free Magazine and News Website Template

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Are you looking for a free magazine and news website template to start a fresh new online project? You could not come at a better time! Meet a sophisticated, elegant and clean tool, Callie. It is everything you need to build an online magazine regarding the niche you are passionate about. It could be just about anything that you want to bring in front of people enriched with your particular tone. Lifestyle, health, gadgets, music, events, travel, fashion, the list goes on and on.

Callie is a refined free website template with a diversity of features even when it comes to site monetization. Once you grow your page to a certain volume, turn it into a money machine easily. Besides, contact and newsletter forms along with social media icons and mega menu are goodies which you can benefit from, too.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
My Pink #d78894 rgb(215,136,148)
Granny Smith #8c9c9f rgb(140,156,159)
Atoll #0d6a77 rgb(13,106,119)
Limed Spruce #344348 rgb(52,67,72)
Contessa #c16179 rgb(193,97,121)
Matisse #225c99 rgb(34,92,153)
Soya Bean #6c6451 rgb(108,100,81)
Green Pea #246048 rgb(36,96,72)
Cutty Sark #4c6c64 rgb(76,108,100)
Picton Blue #30bcf4 rgb(48,188,244)
Punch #da4a2e rgb(218,74,46)
Tobacco Brown #6d614a rgb(109,97,74)
Matisse #235c9c rgb(35,92,156)
Dove Gray #6d6d6d rgb(109,109,109)
Mandy #e3476b rgb(227,71,107)
Matrix #a4544c rgb(164,84,76)
Shuttle Gray #5c646c rgb(92,100,108)
Old Brick #9c1c2c rgb(156,28,44)
Heavy Metal #1c221d rgb(28,34,29)
Di Serria #dc944c rgb(220,148,76)
Cabaret #db4a6e rgb(219,74,110)
Peat #6a6652 rgb(106,102,82)
Sanguine Brown #92383b rgb(146,56,59)
Emperor #574945 rgb(87,73,69)
Raw Sienna #d78a4b rgb(215,138,75)
Sunglo #e46c7e rgb(228,108,126)
Jumbo #737277 rgb(115,114,119)
Paradiso #34846c rgb(52,132,108)
Congo Brown #6f403f rgb(111,64,63)
Valencia #d84448 rgb(216,68,72)
Mandy #ea4464 rgb(234,68,100)
Lynch #697e98 rgb(105,126,152)
Spice #674a2b rgb(103,74,43)
Dove Gray #747170 rgb(116,113,112)
Oyster Pink #e8c8c7 rgb(232,200,199)

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