WebMag: free web magazine website template WebMag: free web magazine website template WebMag: free web magazine website template WebMag: free web magazine website template

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WebMag is just a shorter name for the free web magazine website template we carefully designed and developed for your needs. Start a fresh online project in the niche you are passionate about sooner rather than later. It could be technology, web design, travel, lifestyle, gadgets, food, sports or even a general news page, WebMag handles them all effortlessly. What’s best, WebMag is simple to edit and improve and easily reshapes to your requirements.

The web design of WebMag is clean and minimal, the layout responsive and compatible with modern web browsers. Your new favorite free tool practices all latest web and tech trends for the best user experience. Moreover, once you grow your web magazine to a certain level, you can start monetizing it with WebMag’s integrated ad placements. Kick things off in style and craft a news-rich page today.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sea Buckthorn #f79626 rgb(247,150,38)
Kabul #655348 rgb(101,83,72)
Kumera #93671d rgb(147,103,29)
Pablo #72685c rgb(114,104,92)
Heliotrope #bf76f0 rgb(191,118,240)
Studio #8c50b4 rgb(140,80,180)
Regent Gray #89969c rgb(137,150,156)
Bossanova #47275c rgb(71,39,92)
Nevada #61686d rgb(97,104,109)
Casablanca #f4ac48 rgb(244,172,72)
Carrot Orange #f08c19 rgb(240,140,25)
Nevada #5a6b71 rgb(90,107,113)
Purple Heart #7722af rgb(119,34,175)
Russett #7a6057 rgb(122,96,87)
Pavlova #d8c097 rgb(216,192,151)
Electric Violet #9c2cec rgb(156,44,236)
Americano #84746c rgb(132,116,108)
Saddle #543424 rgb(84,52,36)
Coffee #746454 rgb(116,100,84)
Heliotrope #b45cfc rgb(180,92,252)
Electric Violet #870be9 rgb(135,11,233)
Flint #68605c rgb(104,96,92)
Raw Umber #735714 rgb(115,87,20)
Cement #847861 rgb(132,120,97)
Muddy Waters #bc8d68 rgb(188,141,104)
Brown Rust #b46c3c rgb(180,108,60)
Gull Gray #94acba rgb(148,172,186)
Mule Fawn #944c2c rgb(148,76,44)
Shark #222427 rgb(34,36,39)
Periwinkle Gray #c4cce4 rgb(196,204,228)
Regent Gray #8c949c rgb(140,148,156)
Charade #21242e rgb(33,36,46)
Link Water #f4f6fc rgb(244,246,252)
Old Copper #744130 rgb(116,65,48)
Rolling Stone #728185 rgb(114,129,133)
Irish Coffee #5d3426 rgb(93,52,38)
Shark #1d2227 rgb(29,34,39)
Periwinkle Gray #d2daec rgb(210,218,236)
Apple #54b23e rgb(84,178,62)
Manatee #94959b rgb(148,149,155)
Apple #4c9434 rgb(76,148,52)
Charade #242732 rgb(36,39,50)
Rum Swizzle #f8f6e0 rgb(248,246,224)

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