Balita: a Free Blog and Magazine Website Template Balita: a Free Blog and Magazine Website Template Balita: a Free Blog and Magazine Website Template Balita: a Free Blog and Magazine Website Template

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You are closer than ever to launching your online project with Balita free blog and magazine website template. The template is rich in features, sports a clean and elegant web design and adapts fluently to any device. Balita delivers superb user experience at all times for everyone to enjoy returning for more.

From a clean and to the point header to beautiful slideshow and on-scroll content load, Balita has expertness written across its entire look. The sidebar is equipped with the must-have widgets while footer provides access to other sections on your page and your social media accounts. Balita covers every category, be it travel, fashion, food, adventure, business, entrepreneurship and anything else that you would like to write about.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #218cf2 rgb(33,140,242)
Shadow #836c53 rgb(131,108,83)
Metallic Bronze #4d3e1a rgb(77,62,26)
Dune #313028 rgb(49,48,40)
Di Serria #dfa759 rgb(223,167,89)
Pharlap #a28777 rgb(162,135,119)
Dallas #7e572a rgb(126,87,42)
Corduroy #5f6e6a rgb(95,110,106)
Glacier #6ca4bc rgb(108,164,188)
Denim #1c77c0 rgb(28,119,192)
Corduroy #5e6962 rgb(94,105,98)
Casal #295a66 rgb(41,90,102)
Night Rider #20130e rgb(32,19,14)
Di Serria #e0a665 rgb(224,166,101)
Malibu #5cd2f2 rgb(92,210,242)
Bazaar #8f747b rgb(143,116,123)
Jelly Bean #277d90 rgb(39,125,144)
Ebony #130d1e rgb(19,13,30)
Bright Turquoise #25c7f7 rgb(37,199,247)
Brick Red #d13a56 rgb(209,58,86)
Juniper #6c8b8e rgb(108,139,142)
Rhino #2c3767 rgb(44,55,103)
Congo Brown #56393e rgb(86,57,62)
My Pink #d2898b rgb(210,137,139)
Endeavour #0464a9 rgb(4,100,169)
Corduroy #5c6c64 rgb(92,108,100)
Denim #1c74bc rgb(28,116,188)
Fuscous Gray #4d4c44 rgb(77,76,68)
Cameo #d4b49e rgb(212,180,158)
Kumera #946c24 rgb(148,108,36)
Rolling Stone #7c848c rgb(124,132,140)
Dallas #655520 rgb(101,85,32)
Dune #2c2925 rgb(44,41,37)
Teak #bc9470 rgb(188,148,112)
Tory Blue #12619a rgb(18,97,154)
Napa #b2a391 rgb(178,163,145)
Old Copper #754733 rgb(117,71,51)
Pickled Bluewood #33535e rgb(51,83,94)
Danube #71a4d3 rgb(113,164,211)
Luxor Gold #a6822f rgb(166,130,47)
Bermuda Gray #6d92a9 rgb(109,146,169)
Costa Del Sol #5e5728 rgb(94,87,40)
Bismark #4a728b rgb(74,114,139)
Calico #e0c398 rgb(224,195,152)

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