Avision: a Trendy Free Responsive Magazine Website Template Avision: a Trendy Free Responsive Magazine Website Template Avision: a Trendy Free Responsive Magazine Website Template

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Avision is a trendy free responsive magazine website template with goodies upon goodies for your convenience. You can craft online fashion, business, sport, travel, car, science and other niche magazines. On top of that, you can go the opposite way and create a general news page with Avision, too. Whatever fresh you plan to bring in front of your people, you can do it with Avision template.

Unique web design does wonderful things for your project. It makes it truly appealing to the eye, turning your random visitors into returning readers. Once one starts to browse your page based on Avision, he or she immediately begins to crave more of what you do. From full screen slider and transparent navigation to feature rich sidebar and footer, Avision provides all the necessities for a thriving start of a new project.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cerise #c42677 rgb(196,38,119)
Oslo Gray #979b9c rgb(151,155,156)
Loulou #531338 rgb(83,19,56)
Fiord #3e5567 rgb(62,85,103)
Indigo #5964c6 rgb(89,100,198)
Au Chico #885350 rgb(136,83,80)
Clinker #322008 rgb(50,32,8)
Cape Cod #3d3f3e rgb(61,63,62)
Di Serria #d4a44c rgb(212,164,76)
Driftwood #b2964e rgb(178,150,78)
Falcon #866371 rgb(134,99,113)
Tabasco #9f280c rgb(159,40,12)
Mine Shaft #3c3c3c rgb(60,60,60)
Careys Pink #d39aaf rgb(211,154,175)
Driftwood #ae9251 rgb(174,146,81)
Corduroy #586a62 rgb(88,106,98)
Boston Blue #3f8da6 rgb(63,141,166)
Cod Gray #171516 rgb(23,21,22)
Rose Bud #fac0a4 rgb(250,192,164)
Old Copper #764134 rgb(118,65,52)
Oslo Gray #8e9090 rgb(142,144,144)
Woodland #516124 rgb(81,97,36)
Corduroy #5b645d rgb(91,100,93)
Bianca #fcfcf4 rgb(252,252,244)
Astral #398aa3 rgb(57,138,163)
Manatee #9499a9 rgb(148,153,169)
Rope #865d18 rgb(134,93,24)
Cod Gray #141314 rgb(20,19,20)
Chalky #f0c99d rgb(240,201,157)
San Marino #496ea3 rgb(73,110,163)
Corduroy #5c6560 rgb(92,101,96)
Fern Frond #55671b rgb(85,103,27)
Woodsmoke #191a1a rgb(25,26,26)
Vista White #fcf9f8 rgb(252,249,248)

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