Magazine: a Free Online Magazine Website Template Magazine: a Free Online Magazine Website Template Magazine: a Free Online Magazine Website Template Magazine: a Free Online Magazine Website Template

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Build a news page with this fantastic and free online magazine website template today. It is powered by Bootstrap Framework what ensures you responsiveness and simplicity. As for the latter, Magazine is easy to work with and quick to edit and tailor to your needs.

No matter the topic of your news site, Magazine is here to take care of the web presence. It could be fashion, food, travel, general news or something super niche, we have a tool to help you start your online project swiftly. Drop-down menu, widget rich sidebar and footer, Instagram feed and a working contact page with Google Maps, Magazine is the template to bring your content right in front of your audience. With banner ad placement readiness, you can also start monetizing your website as quickly as you see the potential.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Amaranth #e22d4f rgb(226,45,79)
Toast #9d7c66 rgb(157,124,102)
Espresso #54171a rgb(84,23,26)
Kabul #594138 rgb(89,65,56)
Eunry #d2a396 rgb(210,163,150)
Amaranth #e84065 rgb(232,64,101)
Shadow #806f57 rgb(128,111,87)
Chathams Blue #104c69 rgb(16,76,105)
Vulcan #0d0f19 rgb(13,15,25)
Aqua Spring #f4fcf9 rgb(244,252,249)
Amaranth #f1254e rgb(241,37,78)
Cutty Sark #4c6366 rgb(76,99,102)
Deep Sea Green #0a4a69 rgb(10,74,105)
Vulcan #0d1019 rgb(13,16,25)
Ecru White #fcfbf7 rgb(252,251,247)
Amaranth #ee2c54 rgb(238,44,84)
Mako #464854 rgb(70,72,84)
Crown of Thorns #7d1f22 rgb(125,31,34)
Yellow Metal #795c3d rgb(121,92,61)
Twine #c4945c rgb(196,148,92)
Amaranth #eb2a4e rgb(235,42,78)
Domino #958463 rgb(149,132,99)
Pickled Bean #684325 rgb(104,67,37)
Vulcan #0b0f18 rgb(11,15,24)
Fuchsia Pink #b863ae rgb(184,99,174)
Cardinal #c61f2c rgb(198,31,44)
Cement #8d6c65 rgb(141,108,101)
Ebony #0c1321 rgb(12,19,33)
Shuttle Gray #595e68 rgb(89,94,104)
Tango #ec6f30 rgb(236,111,48)
Muddy Waters #bc9966 rgb(188,153,102)
Santas Gray #a5a4ad rgb(165,164,173)
Black Pearl #040c1c rgb(4,12,28)
Scorpion #5c5658 rgb(92,86,88)
Tacha #d4c464 rgb(212,196,100)
San Marino #4a659f rgb(74,101,159)
Oslo Gray #8b9194 rgb(139,145,148)
Ebony #090f1c rgb(9,15,28)
Blue Bayoux #505f70 rgb(80,95,112)
Malibu #69c8f8 rgb(105,200,248)
Teak #b3945e rgb(179,148,94)
Mid Gray #5e5e6a rgb(94,94,106)
Soya Bean #5f5748 rgb(95,87,72)
Red Ribbon #f3284e rgb(243,40,78)

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