Stuff: a Free and Responsive Blog and News Website Template Stuff: a Free and Responsive Blog and News Website Template Stuff: a Free and Responsive Blog and News Website Template Stuff: a Free and Responsive Blog and News Website Template

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Stuff is a free and responsive blog and news website template with a strong attention to detail and, indeed, your content. Texts and visuals, Stuff makes sure it all appears online in a clean and straightforward way. You can use Stuff for a personal, food, fashion, sports or pretty much any other niche blog you are after. The cleanness and simplicity of Stuff allow you to add just about any content to it as you wish. The outcome will always be a fascinating blog or news website which you and your readers will adore.

Cool hover effects, sliders, video support, integrated Instagram feed and widget rich footer, Stuff is an excellent foundation for your blog. About me page is also included in the bundle, as well as contact section with a functional form and Google Maps.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Gold Tips #d4b017 rgb(212,176,23)
Gimblet #b7a773 rgb(183,167,115)
Olivetone #7e6715 rgb(126,103,21)
Rangoon Green #1d1c17 rgb(29,28,23)
Festival #fbe668 rgb(251,230,104)
Pelorous #38a4bc rgb(56,164,188)
Nepal #8eb4be rgb(142,180,190)
Salem #10995b rgb(16,153,91)
River Bed #455761 rgb(69,87,97)
Fuel Yellow #f1a938 rgb(241,169,56)
Energy Yellow #f8e14e rgb(248,225,78)
Trout #4f555e rgb(79,85,94)
Salem #068956 rgb(6,137,86)
Shark #1a2022 rgb(26,32,34)
Zombie #e7d998 rgb(231,217,152)
Tussock #c68245 rgb(198,130,69)
Tobacco Brown #6f5a41 rgb(111,90,65)
Crown of Thorns #792424 rgb(121,36,36)
Abbey #505458 rgb(80,84,88)
Antique Brass #cc9068 rgb(204,144,104)
Raw Sienna #d18b4f rgb(209,139,79)
Shuttle Gray #54636a rgb(84,99,106)
Blue Chill #0a87a5 rgb(10,135,165)
Abbey #4a4e52 rgb(74,78,82)
Vanilla #d2b5a0 rgb(210,181,160)
Indigo #585cc8 rgb(88,92,200)
Stack #848c84 rgb(132,140,132)
Biscay #202363 rgb(32,35,99)
Mine Shaft #383838 rgb(56,56,56)
Apricot #f49c84 rgb(244,156,132)
Straw #d4bf7a rgb(212,191,122)
Aqua Forest #589d7a rgb(88,157,122)
Bottle Green #06211c rgb(6,33,28)
Tobacco Brown #685a42 rgb(104,90,66)
Ronchi #e7bc50 rgb(231,188,80)
Calico #dfc885 rgb(223,200,133)
Aqua Forest #52a277 rgb(82,162,119)
Crown of Thorns #692124 rgb(105,33,36)
Flint #70675d rgb(112,103,93)
Ronchi #e9c649 rgb(233,198,73)
Matrix #a5644f rgb(165,100,79)
Oslo Gray #979a9b rgb(151,154,155)
Quincy #59362a rgb(89,54,42)
Mid Gray #616162 rgb(97,97,98)
Jagged Ice #c7e4ea rgb(199,228,234)

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