World: a Free Responsive Magazine Website Template World: a Free Responsive Magazine Website Template World: a Free Responsive Magazine Website Template

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World is a stunning and feature-rich free responsive magazine website template. It has it all in store for you to start hammering out compelling articles and create a place where everyone will love to hang out. Lots of moving elements, on scroll content load and practical widgets call for an epic online magazine.

From different sliders, several inner pages and a newsletter subscription box in the footer, World makes sure your readers are treated right. Comments are also fully sorted out, as well as a search bar and a comfortable and sticky navigation. Whether it is a general or a niche specific news website you plan on launching, do it with the free template, World. Responsive, retina ready and quick to edit are the characteristics that make World ideal for beginners and advanced users.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Glacier #6fa2c1 rgb(111,162,193)
Ironside Gray #65625e rgb(101,98,94)
Casal #276156 rgb(39,97,86)
Taupe #38322a rgb(56,50,42)
Half Baked #8cbcd9 rgb(140,188,217)
Cosmic #70354f rgb(112,53,79)
Slate Gray #72888f rgb(114,136,143)
Jelly Bean #2b989d rgb(43,152,157)
Plantation #295756 rgb(41,87,86)
Cerise #e23a81 rgb(226,58,129)
Jelly Bean #247c8c rgb(36,124,140)
Abbey #4f4f50 rgb(79,79,80)
Keppel #3ca49c rgb(60,164,156)
Matterhorn #403437 rgb(64,52,55)
Fuchsia Pink #bc64a4 rgb(188,100,164)
French Rose #ec4585 rgb(236,69,133)
San Juan #37496a rgb(55,73,106)
Plantation #224c4b rgb(34,76,75)
Congo Brown #573935 rgb(87,57,53)
Salmon #fc8c68 rgb(252,140,104)
Muddy Waters #b29458 rgb(178,148,88)
Zambezi #665458 rgb(102,84,88)
Green Pea #1e5c56 rgb(30,92,86)
Copper Rust #90544c rgb(144,84,76)
Fern #60bc6c rgb(96,188,108)
French Rose #eb4c8a rgb(235,76,138)
Kimberly #6e75a3 rgb(110,117,163)
San Juan #2b4b68 rgb(43,75,104)
Ebony Clay #222e37 rgb(34,46,55)
Apricot #e7946c rgb(231,148,108)
Husk #b39855 rgb(179,152,85)
Breaker Bay #67ab9a rgb(103,171,154)
Green Pea #226355 rgb(34,99,85)
Eggplant #674351 rgb(103,67,81)
Sorrell Brown #cfbc8f rgb(207,188,143)

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