Original: a Free and Responsive Blogging Website Template Original: a Free and Responsive Blogging Website Template Original: a Free and Responsive Blogging Website Template Original: a Free and Responsive Blogging Website Template

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Original is, unquestionably, a real eye candy of a free and responsive blogging website template. Not only is it super original and stacked with many remarkable features, but it is also simple and effortless to manage. Start a blog in just about whatever niche and industry you would like with Original. The tool is ready and set to help you succeed with your blogging and journaling adventure big times.

Stunning carousel slider, multi-level drop-down menu, newsletter subscription popup, Instagram feed, Original is named like that for a reason. Begin a lifestyle, personal, fashion, food, DIY, cryptocurrency or whatever other type of a blog you are after with Original. Kick off the adventure today, craft a unique blog and witness amazing things happen in the near future.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Fountain Blue #4db0bf rgb(77,176,191)
River Bed #4e6062 rgb(78,96,98)
Eastern Blue #199ea9 rgb(25,158,169)
Taupe #473a35 rgb(71,58,53)
Glacier #7cbbc4 rgb(124,187,196)
Polo Blue #82aed5 rgb(130,174,213)
Oriental Pink #c59a91 rgb(197,154,145)
El Salva #913436 rgb(145,52,54)
Cod Gray #0a0808 rgb(10,8,8)
Hopbush #c46ca4 rgb(196,108,164)
Danube #81b0d9 rgb(129,176,217)
Oriental Pink #c89194 rgb(200,145,148)
Crown of Thorns #7f231e rgb(127,35,30)
Bistre #412820 rgb(65,40,32)
Valencia #d94153 rgb(217,65,83)
Puerto Rico #54c8b4 rgb(84,200,180)
Tower Gray #a9bcbc rgb(169,188,188)
Ironstone #7e4d3a rgb(126,77,58)
Scorpion #6c5c64 rgb(108,92,100)
Antique Brass #c38b74 rgb(195,139,116)
Old Rose #bf8372 rgb(191,131,114)
Boulder #807b7c rgb(128,123,124)
Nutmeg #7d442e rgb(125,68,46)
Rangoon Green #141310 rgb(20,19,16)
Puerto Rico #54caba rgb(84,202,186)
Apple Blossom #aa5141 rgb(170,81,65)
Spring Rain #9ec7aa rgb(158,199,170)
Eastern Blue #1888b8 rgb(24,136,184)
Taupe #4b3f37 rgb(75,63,55)
Sandy brown #f18c59 rgb(241,140,89)
Twine #c28753 rgb(194,135,83)
Tapestry #b06094 rgb(176,96,148)
Irish Coffee #614022 rgb(97,64,34)
Mine Shaft #242121 rgb(36,33,33)
Putty #e3cf88 rgb(227,207,136)
Cerulean #0cb2e0 rgb(12,178,224)
Manatee #959596 rgb(149,149,150)
Denim #1571ba rgb(21,113,186)
Woodsmoke #131215 rgb(19,18,21)
Careys Pink #d0989e rgb(208,152,158)
Old Gold #d2b730 rgb(210,183,48)
Strikemaster #955882 rgb(149,88,130)
Rope #974f1d rgb(151,79,29)
Cod Gray #1a1818 rgb(26,24,24)
Tan #cfb086 rgb(207,176,134)

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