Blanca: a Free Personal Website Template Blanca: a Free Personal Website Template Blanca: a Free Personal Website Template

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It could be fashion, lifestyle, food, design or a look into your life, Blanca is the free personal website template for you. With such a convenient tool, hammering out a neat and tidy blog is simple and efficient. Write a compelling About Me section, use the attractive slideshow to push your imagery or works and create an attention-grabbing portfolio.

Instead of designing and developing from scratch, you can now have a fully functionally website up and running shortly. Blanca is a free Bootstrap Framework powered personal website template of professional web design. Begin your blogging journey in grand style with an awe-inspiring template that does wonders for both you, the webmaster, and the end user, the reader. Bring your idea to fruition as of today.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Twine #c7985b rgb(199,152,91)
Driftwood #ab824b rgb(171,130,75)
Sepia Skin #9d6c35 rgb(157,108,53)
Flint #6c6a68 rgb(108,106,104)
Tumbleweed #dcb680 rgb(220,182,128)
Wedgewood #448494 rgb(68,132,148)
Nevada #64747c rgb(100,116,124)
Old Copper #6e482c rgb(110,72,44)
Shark #272728 rgb(39,39,40)
Just Right #ecccbc rgb(236,204,188)
Persian Red #d52b32 rgb(213,43,50)
Zorba #a89a8b rgb(168,154,139)
Tosca #93473e rgb(147,71,62)
Kabul #644a3c rgb(100,74,60)
Tumbleweed #deab90 rgb(222,171,144)
Astral #3476b1 rgb(52,118,177)
Natural Gray #929190 rgb(146,145,144)
St Tropaz #2e5d90 rgb(46,93,144)
Nevada #646c74 rgb(100,108,116)
Morning Glory #90c4dc rgb(144,196,220)
Santa Fe #b47c5c rgb(180,124,92)
Rolling Stone #727576 rgb(114,117,118)
Spice #68442e rgb(104,68,46)
Shadow #8a6651 rgb(138,102,81)
Azalea #f4bccc rgb(244,188,204)
Boston Blue #357db9 rgb(53,125,185)
Pale Sky #6f7d86 rgb(111,125,134)
Blumine #21528b rgb(33,82,139)
Shark #2b2f36 rgb(43,47,54)
Morning Glory #8ec4dc rgb(142,196,220)
Raw Sienna #d48850 rgb(212,136,80)
Hit Gray #a2acb1 rgb(162,172,177)
Spice #684330 rgb(104,67,48)
Chicago #616155 rgb(97,97,85)
Rose Fog #eabfca rgb(234,191,202)

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