Article: a Free Responsive Blog Template Article: a Free Responsive Blog Template Article: a Free Responsive Blog Template Article: a Free Responsive Blog Template

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If you plan on starting an online journal, but you do not know where to start, Article free responsive blog template is the ideal solution for you. The product has all you need for a successful launch of a persuasive blog. On top of that, it does not cost you a dime. Just download Article template and start putting it to use right away. Use it to its full potential and construct an out of this world blog.

For your information, you can alter it to lifestyle, travel, fashion, design, or any other topic. Of course, you can build one large blog that covers many niches, too, with Article. No matter the path you choose, the end product will always be at a pro-level, delivering superb user experience. Well then, shall we begin?

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Pomegranate #e24711 rgb(226,71,17)
Nevada #5d7380 rgb(93,115,128)
Ebony #121b2c rgb(18,27,44)
River Bed #465056 rgb(70,80,86)
Terracotta #dd7d5a rgb(221,125,90)
Pomegranate #e84a0f rgb(232,74,15)
Gray Chateau #a2acb2 rgb(162,172,178)
Kenyan Copper #7c2708 rgb(124,39,8)
Tuatara #272623 rgb(39,38,35)
Calico #e0b499 rgb(224,180,153)
Pomegranate #ec4e15 rgb(236,78,21)
Malta #c2ada1 rgb(194,173,161)
Eternity #1c150b rgb(28,21,11)
Tuatara #2c2c2a rgb(44,44,42)
Merino #f4eee2 rgb(244,238,226)
Pomegranate #f44c0c rgb(244,76,12)
Corduroy #545c5c rgb(84,92,92)
Kenyan Copper #7e2705 rgb(126,39,5)
Tuatara #373634 rgb(55,54,52)
Swans Down #d4ecec rgb(212,236,236)
Pomegranate #eb4e15 rgb(235,78,21)
Nevada #6f7072 rgb(111,112,114)
Aztec #0b1417 rgb(11,20,23)
Dorado #645a56 rgb(100,90,86)
Fountain Blue #62b5ca rgb(98,181,202)
Ocean Green #3c947c rgb(60,148,124)
Regent Gray #868d98 rgb(134,141,152)
Plantation #265e4f rgb(38,94,79)
Shark #24262b rgb(36,38,43)
Half Baked #94c4cc rgb(148,196,204)
Flame Pea #d46236 rgb(212,98,54)
Juniper #6c9496 rgb(108,148,150)
Hokey Pokey #bcb424 rgb(188,180,36)
Tuna #38383a rgb(56,56,58)
Cameo #dcac9e rgb(220,172,158)
Steel Blue #3e81a6 rgb(62,129,166)
Oslo Gray #838d96 rgb(131,141,150)
San Juan #32556d rgb(50,85,109)
Blue Bayoux #4c7078 rgb(76,112,120)
Catskill White #e3edf2 rgb(227,237,242)
Steel Blue #4d81ae rgb(77,129,174)
Barley Corn #a79157 rgb(167,145,87)
Rhino #28445b rgb(40,68,91)
Shark #252527 rgb(37,37,39)
Malibu #93cdf9 rgb(147,205,249)

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