Yummy: a Professionally Designed Food Blog Website Template Yummy: a Professionally Designed Food Blog Website Template Yummy: a Professionally Designed Food Blog Website Template

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Yummy is a professionally designed food blog website template which you can also alter to many other niches outside food blogging. It has this unique styling that will make any niche blog to look beautiful and appear smoothly on any device.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Potters Clay #915c3f rgb(145,92,63)
Soya Bean #675d4b rgb(103,93,75)
Himalaya #725a1f rgb(114,90,31)
Masala #46413d rgb(70,65,61)
Harvest Gold #e4b377 rgb(228,179,119)
Cognac #943618 rgb(148,54,24)
Yellow Metal #6e5a39 rgb(110,90,57)
Luxor Gold #a9762c rgb(169,118,44)
Stromboli #346454 rgb(52,100,84)
Linen #fae7df rgb(250,231,223)
Luxor Gold #a8732a rgb(168,115,42)
Hillary #ae9c85 rgb(174,156,133)
Pueblo #912e16 rgb(145,46,22)
Taupe #4c3e37 rgb(76,62,55)
Tussock #cf9355 rgb(207,147,85)
Crete #68882d rgb(104,136,45)
Gunsmoke #898c8c rgb(137,140,140)
Limeade #8cac04 rgb(140,172,4)
Outer Space #343b41 rgb(52,59,65)
Pavlova #d8c095 rgb(216,192,149)
Buttercup #f4a213 rgb(244,162,19)
Scorpion #746464 rgb(116,100,100)
Tuscany #b16031 rgb(177,96,49)
Blue Bayoux #405c74 rgb(64,92,116)
Apache #dcbc74 rgb(220,188,116)
Dallas #784c2c rgb(120,76,44)
Oslo Gray #828485 rgb(130,132,133)
Christi #8a990c rgb(138,153,12)
Barley Corn #97814e rgb(151,129,78)
Fuel Yellow #eca932 rgb(236,169,50)
Gimblet #bea376 rgb(190,163,118)
Squirrel #8d7d73 rgb(141,125,115)
Nutmeg #783d27 rgb(120,61,39)
Dune #35312d rgb(53,49,45)
Golden Sand #f2c777 rgb(242,199,119)

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