Suppablog: a Minimal Blog Website Template Suppablog: a Minimal Blog Website Template Suppablog: a Minimal Blog Website Template

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Suppablog is, hence the name, a super blog template. It is minimal, yet features a well-crafted design that will help your blog to stand out from the crowd. This marvelous free blog website template suits best writers and bloggers that like to spread their message with style. Take the opportunity and build a unique and attention-grabbing blog.

The color palette of this template is composed by 32 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Bondi Blue #0494ab rgb(4,148,171)
Gunsmoke #919796 rgb(145,151,150)
Elm #1c6c7c rgb(28,108,124)
Dove Gray #746666 rgb(116,102,102)
Eunry #cfac99 rgb(207,172,153)
Pelorous #31a6bc rgb(49,166,188)
Quicksand #bca494 rgb(188,164,148)
Bondi Blue #0494ac rgb(4,148,172)
Birch #362e21 rgb(54,46,33)
Indigo #6054d4 rgb(96,84,212)
Bondi Blue #0694ac rgb(6,148,172)
Edward #a7b0aa rgb(167,176,170)
Karaka #1b1308 rgb(27,19,8)
Fuscous Gray #4d5049 rgb(77,80,73)
Twine #c39356 rgb(195,147,86)
Curious Blue #2ca4bc rgb(44,164,188)
Delta #acaca4 rgb(172,172,164)
Go Ben #756d50 rgb(117,109,80)
Bondi Blue #0594ac rgb(5,148,172)
Mantle #909291 rgb(144,146,145)
Blue Chill #10939c rgb(16,147,156)
Thunder #2c2b2c rgb(44,43,44)
Punch #df4a41 rgb(223,74,65)
Apple #48a434 rgb(72,164,52)
Star Dust #9c9c94 rgb(156,156,148)
Parsley #2c641f rgb(44,100,31)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Driftwood #b0844e rgb(176,132,78)
Regent Gray #8899a3 rgb(136,153,163)
Quincy #5f472a rgb(95,71,42)
Scorpion #6e6c6d rgb(110,108,109)
White Rock #eee7d9 rgb(238,231,217)

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