Beko: a Striking Free HTML5 Gaming Website Template Beko: a Striking Free HTML5 Gaming Website Template Beko: a Striking Free HTML5 Gaming Website Template Beko: a Striking Free HTML5 Gaming Website Template Beko: a Striking Free HTML5 Gaming Website Template

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Beko is a striking free HTML5 gaming website template with a modern, trendy and interest sparking dark layout. It follows all the current trends in web development, ensuring an impressive performance on all devices and web browsers. Beko is also based on Bootstrap Framework for the flexibility that your page deserves. If you would like to make a strong first impression, which will last for a long time, you do it with Beko. There is no other way.

Moreover, Beko comes with a nice collection of features and functions which will benefit your new gaming website greatly. From sticky menu and call-to-action buttons to hover effects, video support, pricing plans and neat gallery, it is all packed into one marvelous web design. Google Maps, working contact form and blog pages are also part of the bundle for you to save extra time. Get online with a bang by employing Beko.

The color palette of this template is composed by 55 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Razzmatazz #d0087a rgb(208,8,122)
Mid Gray #5a5c62 rgb(90,92,98)
Black Rose #660617 rgb(102,6,23)
Ebony #0c0c1a rgb(12,12,26)
Hopbush #da66a5 rgb(218,102,165)
Red #f90405 rgb(249,4,5)
Highland #6e8e5e rgb(110,142,94)
Ebony #0c0c1b rgb(12,12,27)
Hemlock #575540 rgb(87,85,64)
Feijoa #9ada78 rgb(154,218,120)
Red Violet #c8088d rgb(200,8,141)
Donkey Brown #a59e76 rgb(165,158,118)
Razzmatazz #d6065f rgb(214,6,95)
Hemlock #5a593b rgb(90,89,59)
Sulu #a5ea89 rgb(165,234,137)
Red #fa0405 rgb(250,4,5)
Don Juan #5d454e rgb(93,69,78)
Torea Bay #0c2692 rgb(12,38,146)
Cutty Sark #54706f rgb(84,112,111)
Indigo #5668c8 rgb(86,104,200)
Red #fa0406 rgb(250,4,6)
Hippie Blue #64a5ad rgb(100,165,173)
Cerulean Blue #2455bf rgb(36,85,191)
Port Gore #1e2343 rgb(30,35,67)
Blue Violet #696bbb rgb(105,107,187)
Red #fc0404 rgb(252,4,4)
Dorado #67534d rgb(103,83,77)
Loulou #360a26 rgb(54,10,38)
Rhino #293659 rgb(41,54,89)
Whiskey #d49c64 rgb(212,156,100)
Chestnut Rose #d25f54 rgb(210,95,84)
Rhino #333e70 rgb(51,62,112)
Mulberry Wood #650730 rgb(101,7,48)
Ebony #0c0c1c rgb(12,12,28)
Harvest Gold #e1af78 rgb(225,175,120)
Deep Blush #e47084 rgb(228,112,132)
Raven #787c86 rgb(120,124,134)
Dark Tan #670e25 rgb(103,14,37)
Trout #4c545c rgb(76,84,92)
Can Can #dc8fac rgb(220,143,172)
Lipstick #c40494 rgb(196,4,148)
Oslo Gray #8c9494 rgb(140,148,148)
Razzmatazz #ce0464 rgb(206,4,100)
Tuna #363643 rgb(54,54,67)
Mandy #e44c7c rgb(228,76,124)
Razzmatazz #dc055b rgb(220,5,91)
Salt Box #6d6176 rgb(109,97,118)
Lipstick #ca0589 rgb(202,5,137)
Ebony Clay #262542 rgb(38,37,66)
Eunry #d39a99 rgb(211,154,153)
Red Violet #c90a8f rgb(201,10,143)
Mid Gray #696a76 rgb(105,106,118)
Razzmatazz #cb0d5f rgb(203,13,95)
Congo Brown #5b3834 rgb(91,56,52)
Roman #e0605d rgb(224,96,93)

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