Endgame: a Contemporary Free Games Website Template Endgame: a Contemporary Free Games Website Template Endgame: a Contemporary Free Games Website Template Endgame: a Contemporary Free Games Website Template

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Endgam is a contemporary free games website template that will help you quick-start your gaming project. It is an ideal page building tool for making gaming blogs and review websites due to the highly adaptive and fully customizable web design. Endgam is also based on Bootstrap Framework what ensures flexibility and mobile-readiness. Meaning, your final game-packed website will work seamlessly on all devices, from mobile phones and up to desktop computers. Indeed, Endgam is also compatible with retina screens and modern web browsers.

With a stunning dark purple layout, Endgam sparks curiosity in every visitor. Keep them encouraged with the full-width slider and, of course, your thorough, honest and compelling blog posts and game reviews. Some of the features are sticky sidebar, video support, newsletter subscription form and a working contact page.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Medium Red Violet #bd2eb2 rgb(189,46,178)
Mulled Wine #4e3d62 rgb(78,61,98)
Ebony #0b1423 rgb(11,20,35)
Salt Box #664e6d rgb(102,78,109)
Vivid Violet #8c34a4 rgb(140,52,164)
Dolphin #68647c rgb(104,100,124)
Haiti #2b113e rgb(43,17,62)
Mulled Wine #514c6c rgb(81,76,108)
Plum #95398d rgb(149,57,141)
Mulled Wine #5f4c7a rgb(95,76,122)
Grape #361b53 rgb(54,27,83)
Bossanova #512753 rgb(81,39,83)
Pigeon Post #aabadb rgb(170,186,219)
Eminence #6c2c90 rgb(108,44,144)
Abbey #525b61 rgb(82,91,97)
Eminence #5d2a7c rgb(93,42,124)
Cocoa Brown #181112 rgb(24,17,18)
Eminence #6d3490 rgb(109,52,144)
Americano #846e6b rgb(132,110,107)
Grape #441854 rgb(68,24,84)
Cocoa Brown #161012 rgb(22,16,18)
Ship Cove #6e7ebb rgb(110,126,187)
Muddy Waters #b88850 rgb(184,136,80)
Monsoon #8c848c rgb(140,132,140)
Cello #244464 rgb(36,68,100)
Scarpa Flow #5c5464 rgb(92,84,100)
Amethyst #cc2fcf rgb(204,47,207)
Hurricane #948c8c rgb(148,140,140)
Valentino #3c0e3d rgb(60,14,61)
Bossanova #463059 rgb(70,48,89)
Prim #f6eaf4 rgb(246,234,244)
Fuchsia Pink #d04fc4 rgb(208,79,196)
Salt Box #675f6a rgb(103,95,106)
San Juan #2c5174 rgb(44,81,116)
Bright Gray #37384b rgb(55,56,75)
Violet Eggplant #af20a0 rgb(175,32,160)
Rum #776981 rgb(119,105,129)
Loulou #3c0c3c rgb(60,12,60)
Roman Coffee #785d4f rgb(120,93,79)
East Side #c48ccf rgb(196,140,207)

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