Comodo: a Free Game Portal Website Template Comodo: a Free Game Portal Website Template Comodo: a Free Game Portal Website Template Comodo: a Free Game Portal Website Template Comodo: a Free Game Portal Website Template

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If you are looking for a solution to start your own thing in the gaming industry, pick Comodo free game portal website template. It is a contemporary, innovative and fully customizable page canvas which you can use with your project. Even if you are a game developer, Comodo might come very handy due to its practicality and flexibility.

With a web design as refined and optimized as Comodo’s, you will enjoy using it out of the box, doing barely any changes to it. Of course, feel free to edit it with your content and additional details that will set you apart from the competition. Along with the neat home design, Comodo also includes about, gallery, blog and contact pages. The latter even comes with a fully functional contact form and Google Maps. Experience Comodo yourself, it is free after all!

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
San Marino #4b74a6 rgb(75,116,166)
Wild Blue Yonder #7d77b5 rgb(125,119,181)
Governor Bay #3b309e rgb(59,48,158)
Bismark #426584 rgb(66,101,132)
Shakespeare #5dbccc rgb(93,188,204)
Meteor #da760f rgb(218,118,15)
Kimberly #7e7aa7 rgb(126,122,167)
Heath #4f1a11 rgb(79,26,17)
Mulled Wine #5d496e rgb(93,73,110)
Tulip Tree #eea141 rgb(238,161,65)
Old Lavender #796678 rgb(121,102,120)
Van Cleef #441309 rgb(68,19,9)
Night Rider #0b0508 rgb(11,5,8)
Viking #6dd8d9 rgb(109,216,217)
Cerulean Blue #2649cc rgb(38,73,204)
Neptune #7cbcb8 rgb(124,188,184)
Bismark #417589 rgb(65,117,137)
Shark #262729 rgb(38,39,41)
Antique Brass #cc8c74 rgb(204,140,116)
Cerulean Blue #2748cc rgb(39,72,204)
Hurricane #807674 rgb(128,118,116)
Ming #3f7b86 rgb(63,123,134)
Shark #1d2124 rgb(29,33,36)
Monte Carlo #85cfb9 rgb(133,207,185)
Shakespeare #4abdd4 rgb(74,189,212)
Amethyst Smoke #9694bc rgb(150,148,188)
East Bay #453b7c rgb(69,59,124)
Blue Bayoux #495b78 rgb(73,91,120)
Magic Mint #94f0bd rgb(148,240,189)
Turquoise Blue #60d4ea rgb(96,212,234)
Bismark #4e7d81 rgb(78,125,129)
Minsk #3d368e rgb(61,54,142)
Woodsmoke #121519 rgb(18,21,25)
Magic Mint #8aefc4 rgb(138,239,196)
Tia Maria #c8510d rgb(200,81,13)
Blue Bayoux #46606e rgb(70,96,110)
Cedar #482318 rgb(72,35,24)
Dolphin #686475 rgb(104,100,117)
Wistful #a19cd2 rgb(161,156,210)
Hippie Blue #59a4b3 rgb(89,164,179)
Kimberly #847ca4 rgb(132,124,164)
Minsk #342b7b rgb(52,43,123)
Victoria #4e498d rgb(78,73,141)
Iceberg #e1f6f0 rgb(225,246,240)
Tia Maria #c54a0b rgb(197,74,11)
Waterloo #838590 rgb(131,133,144)
Kenyan Copper #873309 rgb(135,51,9)
Smalt Blue #547c84 rgb(84,124,132)
Tan #d0a984 rgb(208,169,132)
Blue Bell #8985c6 rgb(137,133,198)
Kimberly #736fa4 rgb(115,111,164)
Minsk #3c338c rgb(60,51,140)
Victoria #4e4789 rgb(78,71,137)
Turquoise Blue #61dce3 rgb(97,220,227)

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