eGames: a Free Mobile-Ready Gaming Website Template eGames: a Free Mobile-Ready Gaming Website Template eGames: a Free Mobile-Ready Gaming Website Template eGames: a Free Mobile-Ready Gaming Website Template

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eGames, as its name suggests, is a free mobile-ready gaming website template for vivid enthusiasts. It follows all the latest web and tech regulations to make sure your page will work seamlessly on all platforms and devices. eGames is perfect if you are looking to start a games review website since the web design perfectly matches the industry. Of course, you do not need to stick with the out of the box version and allow yourself to improve and adjust it to your needs.

Along with an enticing, clean and contemporary home, eGames also comes with all sorts of different inner pages for single reviews, articles and contact. The latter is equipped with both a working form and Google Maps. Now you know which website template to choose if a gaming review page is what you would like to bring into being.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Turquoise #27dad8 rgb(39,218,216)
Nandor #515453 rgb(81,84,83)
Cloud Burst #1c344c rgb(28,52,76)
Outer Space #303a3d rgb(48,58,61)
Aquamarine Blue #71dedf rgb(113,222,223)
Turquoise #2ed8da rgb(46,216,218)
Slate Gray #707c90 rgb(112,124,144)
Eastern Blue #1ca4a4 rgb(28,164,164)
Shuttle Gray #63676c rgb(99,103,108)
Spray #81eae9 rgb(129,234,233)
Cerise Red #dd2e5a rgb(221,46,90)
Salt Box #605763 rgb(96,87,99)
Amazon #2e6a54 rgb(46,106,84)
Cocoa Brown #321e24 rgb(50,30,36)
Glacier #6fa3bc rgb(111,163,188)
Tamarillo #a4141c rgb(164,20,28)
Pewter #a5a6a5 rgb(165,166,165)
Cherrywood #671319 rgb(103,19,25)
Ironside Gray #636260 rgb(99,98,96)
Botticelli #cbd9e6 rgb(203,217,230)
Tamarillo #aa1316 rgb(170,19,22)
Hippie Blue #669db4 rgb(102,157,180)
Dark Tan #681116 rgb(104,17,22)
Cocoa Brown #342628 rgb(52,38,40)
Akaroa #d7cba8 rgb(215,203,168)
Turquoise #23d6d7 rgb(35,214,215)
Glacier #86b2c1 rgb(134,178,193)
Nutmeg #782c28 rgb(120,44,40)
Armadillo #524a44 rgb(82,74,68)
Turquoise Blue #59dee1 rgb(89,222,225)
Wedgewood #3f8798 rgb(63,135,152)
Hippie Blue #54a6af rgb(84,166,175)
Paradiso #389594 rgb(56,149,148)
Ironside Gray #6f6e68 rgb(111,110,104)
Aquamarine Blue #6cd4e1 rgb(108,212,225)
Steel Blue #4c8eba rgb(76,142,186)
Cutty Sark #54757d rgb(84,117,125)
Aztec #091314 rgb(9,19,20)
William #3f5f6b rgb(63,95,107)
Fountain Blue #5facc7 rgb(95,172,199)
Wedgewood #3f8698 rgb(63,134,152)
Hippie Blue #52a6af rgb(82,166,175)
Calypso #297782 rgb(41,119,130)
Flint #716c61 rgb(113,108,97)
Aquamarine Blue #66d5e1 rgb(102,213,225)

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