Game Warrior: a Free Gaming Website Template Game Warrior: a Free Gaming Website Template Game Warrior: a Free Gaming Website Template Game Warrior: a Free Gaming Website Template

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You will not be able to find a better free gaming website template than Game Warrior. We dedicated our hearts and souls to put together a premium-like site skin for passionate gamers willing to start their own online projects at no cost. Now you can do it with ease by utilizing the incredible Game Warrior. The tool is mobile-ready, responsive, extendable, in tune with all modern web browsers and light. In short, every page based on Game Warrior will be fast loading and performing at the highest degree.

Game Warrior is an HTML website template with all and everything a standard gaming website requires and then some. You will discover a lot of predesigned material which you can use as is or even improve it according to your project’s requirements. Game Warrior is simple to use and effortless to manage and maintain.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Marigold #b88526 rgb(184,133,38)
Delta #a8a8a7 rgb(168,168,167)
Rope #94641c rgb(148,100,28)
Outer Space #202f2f rgb(32,47,47)
My Sin #fcb424 rgb(252,180,36)
Flint #726b67 rgb(114,107,103)
Cloud Burst #1e2e43 rgb(30,46,67)
Tundora #444242 rgb(68,66,66)
Golden Sand #f4d47c rgb(244,212,124)
Razzmatazz #f22563 rgb(242,37,99)
Cape Cod #455454 rgb(69,84,84)
Blue Dianne #1b3b42 rgb(27,59,66)
Mine Shaft #3b3537 rgb(59,53,55)
Lightning Yellow #fbb423 rgb(251,180,35)
Husk #b4a255 rgb(180,162,85)
Oslo Gray #8d9196 rgb(141,145,150)
Big Stone #122034 rgb(18,32,52)
Cape Cod #353839 rgb(53,56,57)
Picton Blue #48ace8 rgb(72,172,232)
Picton Blue #46abef rgb(70,171,239)
Barley Corn #a59f55 rgb(165,159,85)
Big Stone #121f2b rgb(18,31,43)
Cape Cod #353939 rgb(53,57,57)
Radical Red #f52564 rgb(245,37,100)
Tamarillo #93100e rgb(147,16,14)
Nevada #6c7178 rgb(108,113,120)
Dark Tan #671014 rgb(103,16,20)
Abbey #49494a rgb(73,73,74)
My Pink #ce8480 rgb(206,132,128)
Cape Palliser #9c6c44 rgb(156,108,68)
Boulder #797475 rgb(121,116,117)
Kumera #815626 rgb(129,86,38)
Fuscous Gray #585147 rgb(88,81,71)
Brandy #dcac94 rgb(220,172,148)
Fire Bush #e39536 rgb(227,149,54)
Fiord #464b66 rgb(70,75,102)
Cocoa Bean #552425 rgb(85,36,37)
Shuttle Gray #55626c rgb(85,98,108)
Sorrell Brown #cebb89 rgb(206,187,137)
Old Gold #d09b3f rgb(208,155,63)
Boulder #7c7575 rgb(124,117,117)
Paarl #a54b2f rgb(165,75,47)
Blue Bayoux #4c5776 rgb(76,87,118)
Glacier #7aabc2 rgb(122,171,194)

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