Hami: a Free Bootstrap Hosting Website Template Hami: a Free Bootstrap Hosting Website Template Hami: a Free Bootstrap Hosting Website Template Hami: a Free Bootstrap Hosting Website Template

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Hami is the best free Bootstrap hosting website template with a contemporary and mobile-ready layout. If you would like to create a strong impact on all your visitors and potential clients, Hami is one of the best solutions you can take to your advantage. Not only does it have cool animations, but Hami is also highly versatile, cross-browser compatible, SEO-friendly and in tune with retina screen devices.

Moreover, Hami has call-to-action buttons placed strategically across the entire web design for increased conversion rates. Other goodies of Hami are animated statistics, pricing plans, multi-level drop-down menu, coming soon page, countdown timer and a ton more ready-made layouts and components. No doubt, Hami will save you a lot of time and effort when building a spectacular website for your web hosting company.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Havelock Blue #6e9ee0 rgb(110,158,224)
Lily #bc9cb4 rgb(188,156,180)
Matisse #1e5799 rgb(30,87,153)
Cornflower #87b5e6 rgb(135,181,230)
Cornflower Blue #709ce4 rgb(112,156,228)
Bombay #acb1b4 rgb(172,177,180)
Chathams Blue #15376f rgb(21,55,111)
Cornflower #96b5e9 rgb(150,181,233)
Mariner #1c64dc rgb(28,100,220)
Regent Gray #8b94a0 rgb(139,148,160)
Azure #2f60ae rgb(47,96,174)
Shark #313335 rgb(49,51,53)
Danube #5b86cf rgb(91,134,207)
Portage #7ca4e4 rgb(124,164,228)
Gray #929090 rgb(146,144,144)
Chathams Blue #16386d rgb(22,56,109)
Cornflower #94b6ea rgb(148,182,234)
Denim #1c64db rgb(28,100,219)
Tapa #7e766c rgb(126,118,108)
Azure #3367b0 rgb(51,103,176)
Shark #313132 rgb(49,49,50)
Jordy Blue #8ebbed rgb(142,187,237)
Havelock Blue #6194dc rgb(97,148,220)
Oslo Gray #848c94 rgb(132,140,148)
Bay of Many #294a8b rgb(41,74,139)
Comet #5c6880 rgb(92,104,128)
Cornflower #94b8e2 rgb(148,184,226)
Cornflower Blue #649ce4 rgb(100,156,228)
Tide #b4b2af rgb(180,178,175)
Chathams Blue #133c70 rgb(19,60,112)
Polo Blue #89abd4 rgb(137,171,212)
Denim #1765db rgb(23,101,219)
Makara #8a8068 rgb(138,128,104)
Bay of Many #294c8b rgb(41,76,139)
Charade #2b313b rgb(43,49,59)
Polo Blue #8ab3d7 rgb(138,179,215)
Cornflower Blue #4994f6 rgb(73,148,246)
Rolling Stone #787b7d rgb(120,123,125)
Cerulean Blue #2760b1 rgb(39,96,177)
Tuna #323233 rgb(50,50,51)
Jordy Blue #89c2ef rgb(137,194,239)

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