ITHost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template ITHost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template ITHost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template ITHost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template

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As the name implies, ITHost is a free responsive web hosting website template that quick-starts your project’s web presence. It is a flexible and extendable Bootstrap-based tool that makes sure all your wants are fully sorted out. While you can use ITHost precisely as it comes out of the box, you can freely perform customization tweaks and make it stand out a mile. Whichever path you choose, the end product will surely be a sophisticated masterpiece.

Moreover, ITHost is stuffed with stunning web design, internal pages, blog section and a fully functional contact form bundled with Google Maps. To make your web hosting services appear as professional as possible online, drop everything, download ITHost now and put it into play. Sooner rather than later, you will have a full-blown hosting website up and running, attracting new customers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Deep Blush #dd629d rgb(221,98,157)
Affair #653c85 rgb(101,60,133)
Meteorite #492680 rgb(73,38,128)
East Bay #44527f rgb(68,82,127)
Shocking #db7bbc rgb(219,123,188)
Deep Blush #e4769c rgb(228,118,156)
Stack #949894 rgb(148,152,148)
Claret #6e1534 rgb(110,21,52)
Dove Gray #6e6c6c rgb(110,108,108)
Mandy #e44878 rgb(228,72,120)
Deep Blush #e77999 rgb(231,121,153)
Jumbo #868587 rgb(134,133,135)
Vin Rouge #993d57 rgb(153,61,87)
Cod Gray #1c1c1c rgb(28,28,28)
Melanie #edcfe1 rgb(237,207,225)
Froly #ec5c84 rgb(236,92,132)
Hurricane #948c8c rgb(148,140,140)
Persian Indigo #3d157c rgb(61,21,124)
Affair #644491 rgb(100,68,145)
Lavender #dc6cec rgb(220,108,236)
Amaranth #e82d64 rgb(232,45,100)
Regent Gray #929a9e rgb(146,154,158)
Honey Flower #441a74 rgb(68,26,116)
Cod Gray #1c1817 rgb(28,24,23)
Link Water #edf5fa rgb(237,245,250)
Royal Purple #6136a2 rgb(97,54,162)
Purple Mountain's Majesty #947cbc rgb(148,124,188)
Daisy Bush #4c1c8c rgb(76,28,140)
Amaranth #ec2d65 rgb(236,45,101)
Mandy #e8487c rgb(232,72,124)
Butterfly Bush #5d4d8a rgb(93,77,138)
Minsk #40297b rgb(64,41,123)
Viridian #4c8c6c rgb(76,140,108)
Turquoise Blue #58c8e4 rgb(88,200,228)
Amaranth #ea2c64 rgb(234,44,100)
Oslo Gray #8d9499 rgb(141,148,153)
Daisy Bush #592d99 rgb(89,45,153)
Cod Gray #1e1e1e rgb(30,30,30)
Tapestry #bf6485 rgb(191,100,133)
Cerise Red #e32e66 rgb(227,46,102)
Deluge #796ab3 rgb(121,106,179)
Meteorite #3f277b rgb(63,39,123)
Limed Spruce #375057 rgb(55,80,87)
Viking #52bade rgb(82,186,222)

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