Cloud83: a Free Cloud Hosting Website Template Cloud83: a Free Cloud Hosting Website Template Cloud83: a Free Cloud Hosting Website Template Cloud83: a Free Cloud Hosting Website Template

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Cloud83 is a free cloud hosting website template with a modern, clean and professional web design. Pretty much, you can use Cloud83 for all types of hosting projects you run to help amateurs and professional get online and start something fresh. Cloud83 is based on Bootstrap Framework to make sure your online presence is 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

Create a strong impact with the full-width slider and push all the services you offer in a persuading way. With Cloud83, you can do a ton for your cloud hosting company and take it to new heights effortlessly. There is also a full news section and a contact page with a working form and Google Maps for your convenience. Get your word out today and reach people from all over the globe.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Jungle Green #249e7e rgb(36,158,126)
Manatee #8c8c94 rgb(140,140,148)
Ebony #05060d rgb(5,6,13)
Ebony Clay #262e3d rgb(38,46,61)
Danube #7cadd9 rgb(124,173,217)
Jungle Green #25a887 rgb(37,168,135)
Fiord #405966 rgb(64,89,102)
Lochinvar #2c947c rgb(44,148,124)
Gun Powder #444452 rgb(68,68,82)
Prelude #c8b4e8 rgb(200,180,232)
Jungle Green #29ab8b rgb(41,171,139)
River Bed #454e60 rgb(69,78,96)
Mirage #171a34 rgb(23,26,52)
Bright Gray #3f4252 rgb(63,66,82)
Viking #66addc rgb(102,173,220)
Fuel Yellow #ecbe24 rgb(236,190,36)
Blue Bayoux #54637c rgb(84,99,124)
Blue Dianne #244c54 rgb(36,76,84)
Mirage #141424 rgb(20,20,36)
Burnt Sienna #ec7c64 rgb(236,124,100)
Tulip Tree #e2bb2f rgb(226,187,47)
Blue Bayoux #54637a rgb(84,99,122)
Ebony #0c1424 rgb(12,20,36)
Soya Bean #5a5149 rgb(90,81,73)
Roman #de5f53 rgb(222,95,83)
Chestnut Rose #cc6454 rgb(204,100,84)
Lemon Grass #949592 rgb(148,149,146)
Jungle Green #24ac8c rgb(36,172,140)
Mirage #1b2333 rgb(27,35,51)
Sinbad #98cec4 rgb(152,206,196)
Fountain Blue #5ec4a6 rgb(94,196,166)
Old Rose #ba8870 rgb(186,136,112)
Mirage #1c2434 rgb(28,36,52)
Tan #d4a68e rgb(212,166,142)
Di Serria #d8a74c rgb(216,167,76)
Pale Oyster #968b7c rgb(150,139,124)
Jungle Green #23aa88 rgb(35,170,136)
Mirage #1c2332 rgb(28,35,50)
Sorrell Brown #d3b299 rgb(211,178,153)
Jungle Green #28ab87 rgb(40,171,135)
Quicksand #b6978a rgb(182,151,138)
Paradiso #2d7a73 rgb(45,122,115)
Ship Gray #3e3e3f rgb(62,62,63)
Eunry #d2b09d rgb(210,176,157)

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