Server: a Free HTML Hosting Website Template Server: a Free HTML Hosting Website Template Server: a Free HTML Hosting Website Template Server: a Free HTML Hosting Website Template

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With Server free HTML hosting website template, you can have your online presence up quicker than you think. The canvas is here, fully packed with features for you to employ it however you see it fit your web hosting service best. On top of that, Server is also 100% mobile-ready and responsive to work seamlessly on all devices, smartphone, tablet and desktop. Besides, Server also acclimatizes to the majority of web browsers instantly.

Some of the features are multi-level drop-down menu, full-width slider, parallax effect, testimonials slider and a functional contact form. Everything is connected with a clean and contemporary design that calls for a distraction-free experience. Enjoy your quick website fix with Server and start your web hosting firm quickly and reliably.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Citron #79af24 rgb(121,175,36)
Empress #7e7a7c rgb(126,122,124)
Haiti #0d0b26 rgb(13,11,38)
Zambezi #5f5858 rgb(95,88,88)
Celery #9bca54 rgb(155,202,84)
Sushi #90c43f rgb(144,196,63)
Edward #9a9c9c rgb(154,156,156)
Fern Frond #49651f rgb(73,101,31)
Woodsmoke #141617 rgb(20,22,23)
Yellow Green #acd46c rgb(172,212,108)
Atlantis #80b925 rgb(128,185,37)
Nevada #65696e rgb(101,105,110)
Sushi #73b131 rgb(115,177,49)
Woodsmoke #0d0f10 rgb(13,15,16)
Caper #d3eaa1 rgb(211,234,161)
Lima #7cbc1e rgb(124,188,30)
Green Leaf #4b7212 rgb(75,114,18)
Feijoa #bcdc8c rgb(188,220,140)
Lima #7cbc1c rgb(124,188,28)
Rainee #b6c2a3 rgb(182,194,163)
Sushi #7f9c37 rgb(127,156,55)
Scorpion #585758 rgb(88,87,88)
Texas #e6f9a6 rgb(230,249,166)
Feijoa #b4d47c rgb(180,212,124)
Fern Frond #4b6320 rgb(75,99,32)
Deco #d4e4ac rgb(212,228,172)
Straw #d0c884 rgb(208,200,132)
Shuttle Gray #545c64 rgb(84,92,100)
Dallas #5f5924 rgb(95,89,36)
Abbey #50545c rgb(80,84,92)
Lima #7ebb21 rgb(126,187,33)
Stack #989c98 rgb(152,156,152)
Lima #73c01f rgb(115,192,31)
Mid Gray #5e5f62 rgb(94,95,98)
Sprout #ccd6a6 rgb(204,214,166)
Contessa #c47468 rgb(196,116,104)
Rolling Stone #7b8187 rgb(123,129,135)
Irish Coffee #5f2c25 rgb(95,44,37)
Tuna #3c3c44 rgb(60,60,68)
Beige #f0f3d8 rgb(240,243,216)

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