BHost: a Free Hosting and Domain Sale Website Template BHost: a Free Hosting and Domain Sale Website Template BHost: a Free Hosting and Domain Sale Website Template BHost: a Free Hosting and Domain Sale Website Template

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If you are looking for a free hosting and domain sale website template, BHost is a great solution that will do your firm well. Whether you are starting out or you already run a business, BHost is here to create a stunning web space for you, wowing all your visitors and turning them into potential clients. BHost rocks all the industry standard features and follows all the latest web regulations. You are assured that your web hosting website works smoothly on all devices, handheld and desktop.

Moreover, BHost also comes with vibrant colors, pricing tables, enticing hove effects and a fully functional contact form. You can also employ the integrated blog section and start releasing helpful and compelling articles that are 100% hosting, domains and websites related. Start strong with BHost.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Electric Violet #9c45f4 rgb(156,69,244)
Dolphin #696879 rgb(105,104,121)
Black Pearl #040c23 rgb(4,12,35)
Rhino #363061 rgb(54,48,97)
Cornflower Blue #6869ed rgb(104,105,237)
Heliotrope #bc54fc rgb(188,84,252)
East Bay #3c5474 rgb(60,84,116)
Port Gore #1c1c4c rgb(28,28,76)
Salt Box #65516e rgb(101,81,110)
Heliotrope #ac54f0 rgb(172,84,240)
Pastel Green #61e74f rgb(97,231,79)
Salt Box #6c686f rgb(108,104,111)
Port Gore #2f1e49 rgb(47,30,73)
Shark #313235 rgb(49,50,53)
Cornflower Blue #5ba3f9 rgb(91,163,249)
Electric Violet #954cf4 rgb(149,76,244)
River Bed #445460 rgb(68,84,96)
Port Gore #24254c rgb(36,37,76)
Mirage #1b2435 rgb(27,36,53)
Cornflower Blue #5576ec rgb(85,118,236)
Cornflower Blue #5c72ef rgb(92,114,239)
Santas Gray #979bb9 rgb(151,155,185)
Lucky Point #2e1a66 rgb(46,26,102)
Mirage #1b2334 rgb(27,35,52)
Cornflower Blue #8f4ef4 rgb(143,78,244)
Cornflower Blue #7f56f4 rgb(127,86,244)
Venus #9c949c rgb(156,148,156)
Vivid Violet #803890 rgb(128,56,144)
Kashmir Blue #49698c rgb(73,105,140)
Electric Violet #a640f6 rgb(166,64,246)
Cornflower Blue #6d68f0 rgb(109,104,240)
Storm Gray #6d707d rgb(109,112,125)
Port Gore #28244d rgb(40,36,77)
Shuttle Gray #545c6c rgb(84,92,108)
Portage #968cec rgb(150,140,236)
Cornflower Blue #6c67ef rgb(108,103,239)
Dolphin #656284 rgb(101,98,132)
Lucky Point #2c1766 rgb(44,23,102)
Scorpion #6a5b5e rgb(106,91,94)
Electric Violet #a342f5 rgb(163,66,245)
Cornflower Blue #656cef rgb(101,108,239)
Comet #5d6185 rgb(93,97,133)
Black Pearl #09142e rgb(9,20,46)
Gun Powder #48495d rgb(72,73,93)
Electric Violet #a242f5 rgb(162,66,245)

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