Webhost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template Webhost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template Webhost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template Webhost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template Webhost: a Free Responsive Web Hosting Website Template

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It is all in the name when it comes to Webhost free responsive web hosting website template. If you are starting a hosting service but have no idea what look to sport with your website, here is Webhost. You can have it as an inspiration or you can employ it for creating a fully functional page out of it. In both cases, you win big times.

Webhost is very easy and straightforward to use and even allows you to customize and tweak it to your branding’s needs. Like mentioned earlier, Webhost is optimized to work on all devices and web browsers and is fully compatible with retina screens. To start your web hosting company and domain registrar in style, Webhost is your best bet. Take to your advantage all the killer features it comes with and make sure you use Webhost to its full potential.

The color palette of this template is composed by 50 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Havelock Blue #63a7df rgb(99,167,223)
Logan #a19ac5 rgb(161,154,197)
Cloud Burst #24344c rgb(36,52,76)
Mulled Wine #504562 rgb(80,69,98)
Polo Blue #849bca rgb(132,155,202)
Pastel Green #68e498 rgb(104,228,152)
Jewel #147037 rgb(20,112,55)
Cornflower Blue #71a9f1 rgb(113,169,241)
Pastel Green #57e395 rgb(87,227,149)
Silver Chalice #9e9e9e rgb(158,158,158)
Jewel #12713c rgb(18,113,60)
Mine Shaft #303030 rgb(48,48,48)
Cornflower Blue #60a1f0 rgb(96,161,240)
Pastel Green #66e48e rgb(102,228,142)
Jewel #137031 rgb(19,112,49)
Cruise #adebd1 rgb(173,235,209)
Pastel Green #7ee46c rgb(126,228,108)
Lynch #707a9f rgb(112,122,159)
Bilbao #227014 rgb(34,112,20)
Mine Shaft #282828 rgb(40,40,40)
Pastel Green #60e289 rgb(96,226,137)
Cornflower Blue #5ca6f4 rgb(92,166,244)
Edward #9a9d9d rgb(154,157,157)
Tawny Port #6c2c44 rgb(108,44,68)
Mako #41444c rgb(65,68,76)
Light Wisteria #dc9ce4 rgb(220,156,228)
Cornflower Blue #60a0ef rgb(96,160,239)
Cloudy #afa9a7 rgb(175,169,167)
Camelot #90305b rgb(144,48,91)
Sandstone #746664 rgb(116,102,100)
Cornflower #92c5eb rgb(146,197,235)
Cornflower Blue #647cec rgb(100,124,236)
Abbey #545456 rgb(84,84,86)
Arapawa #0e2076 rgb(14,32,118)
Malibu #5bbcf9 rgb(91,188,249)
Shamrock #54d4a1 rgb(84,212,161)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Viridian #3c906c rgb(60,144,108)
Oxford Blue #3f4b5c rgb(63,75,92)
Jordy Blue #7cb0f0 rgb(124,176,240)
Malibu #5bbdfb rgb(91,189,251)
Pine Cone #71645b rgb(113,100,91)
San Juan #344c74 rgb(52,76,116)
Dune #353331 rgb(53,51,49)
Anakiwa #a1ddfb rgb(161,221,251)
Danube #6c8ed6 rgb(108,142,214)
Pale Sky #6a7985 rgb(106,121,133)
Tiber #0a313a rgb(10,49,58)
Pickled Bluewood #243444 rgb(36,52,68)
Shamrock #51e095 rgb(81,224,149)

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