Hostspace: a Neat and Contemporary Web Hosting Website Template Hostspace: a Neat and Contemporary Web Hosting Website Template Hostspace: a Neat and Contemporary Web Hosting Website Template Hostspace: a Neat and Contemporary Web Hosting Website Template

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Hostspace is a neat, tidy and contemporary free HTML web hosting website template with tons of great features and components. You can kick it off instantly by downloading the page canvas and start building a page for your hosting company. It will take you a lot less time and effort due to the fact that the entire web design is already done for you. And it is, as well, mobile-ready, responsive, supports retina screens and all modern web browsers. No need to worry about the tech part.

With Hostspace, you get a look that is clean and attention-grabbing, increasing your potential and conversions. Let clients find their ideal domain names, learn more about what you can offer them and immediately get familiar with your pricing plans. With a solid and straightforward page, a lot is possible.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ming #386080 rgb(56,96,128)
Amethyst Smoke #afa3bb rgb(175,163,187)
Gigas #48358e rgb(72,53,142)
Victoria #5a4076 rgb(90,64,118)
Lilac Bush #a479d4 rgb(164,121,212)
Turquoise #34ecca rgb(52,236,202)
Amethyst Smoke #9f94a8 rgb(159,148,168)
Blue Dianne #245c6c rgb(36,92,108)
Oxford Blue #3c405c rgb(60,64,92)
Spray #7cf4dc rgb(124,244,220)
Bright Turquoise #1dedc3 rgb(29,237,195)
Rum #735c8d rgb(115,92,141)
Eternity #20180f rgb(32,24,15)
Pine Cone #675d57 rgb(103,93,87)
Sinbad #abd8d7 rgb(171,216,215)
Affair #6c4999 rgb(108,73,153)
Rum #7e7194 rgb(126,113,148)
Haiti #1e0d36 rgb(30,13,54)
Martinique #3c2c4c rgb(60,44,76)
Ice Cold #9cf4e4 rgb(156,244,228)
Viking #5cd4c9 rgb(92,212,201)
Butterfly Bush #68489c rgb(104,72,156)
Meteorite #412576 rgb(65,37,118)
Gravel #4f4c53 rgb(79,76,83)
Jagged Ice #c5e9e9 rgb(197,233,233)
Affair #6c4494 rgb(108,68,148)
East Side #ac94c4 rgb(172,148,196)
Daisy Bush #4c1c84 rgb(76,28,132)
Mulled Wine #4b3b5b rgb(75,59,91)
Spray #64f2da rgb(100,242,218)
Shamrock #2ec3b4 rgb(46,195,180)
Butterfly Bush #745494 rgb(116,84,148)
Bossanova #553774 rgb(85,55,116)
Butterfly Bush #69558e rgb(105,85,142)
Bright Turquoise #1eefc5 rgb(30,239,197)
Shuttle Gray #606578 rgb(96,101,120)
Port Gore #231c3f rgb(35,28,63)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Cabaret #df4073 rgb(223,64,115)
Turquoise #27e7c6 rgb(39,231,198)
Butterfly Bush #735493 rgb(115,84,147)
Haiti #1c0c34 rgb(28,12,52)
Eggplant #663e66 rgb(102,62,102)
Snuff #e6d7f0 rgb(230,215,240)

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