Hosthub: a Web Hosting Firm Website Template Hosthub: a Web Hosting Firm Website Template Hosthub: a Web Hosting Firm Website Template Hosthub: a Web Hosting Firm Website Template

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Get your web hosting firm known with Hosthub free hosting website template. Create a unique experience that users of all devices will adore and remember. Hosthub is a responsive, retina-ready and cross-browser compatible Bootstrap template which provides stability and flexibility that your modern page requires. Great assets, neatly packed in one kit, will help you undergo a quick process of establishing and launching a refreshing website.

Clean and straightforward web design with a solid attention to detail and an ideal selection of colors, that and loads more is what you get with Hosthub. Make it your own and feel free to customize and adjust the look however you see it fit best. Sticky navigation, drop-down menu, plans and pricing tables, newsletter subscription and a functional contact page, with Hosthub, nothing is missing. Implement content marketing by activating the blog section and drive in even more traffic.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Porsche #eb9c5d rgb(235,156,93)
Fruit Salad #50a351 rgb(80,163,81)
Cafe Royale #763c0e rgb(118,60,14)
Link Water #d4cdf0 rgb(212,205,240)
Edward #acb4b4 rgb(172,180,180)
Dull Lavender #9c8ce4 rgb(156,140,228)
Purple Heart #634fd7 rgb(99,79,215)
Nevada #666c73 rgb(102,108,115)
Lucky Point #24186c rgb(36,24,108)
Shark #222223 rgb(34,34,35)
Dull Lavender #9d95e2 rgb(157,149,226)
Purple Heart #634ed8 rgb(99,78,216)
Nevada #676e75 rgb(103,110,117)
Lucky Point #24176c rgb(36,23,108)
Mine Shaft #222222 rgb(34,34,34)
Cold Purple #a8b0dd rgb(168,176,221)
Cornflower Blue #745cec rgb(116,92,236)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Arapawa #1f0d76 rgb(31,13,118)
Portage #9988ea rgb(153,136,234)
Twine #c69c6c rgb(198,156,108)
Storm Gray #797b85 rgb(121,123,133)
Wasabi #848c2c rgb(132,140,44)
Tuna #303444 rgb(48,52,68)
Royal Blue #6449e6 rgb(100,73,230)
Cornflower Blue #7d65eb rgb(125,101,235)
Manatee #919192 rgb(145,145,146)
Deep Koamaru #210f75 rgb(33,15,117)
Baltic Sea #2d2c2e rgb(45,44,46)
Portage #9b88f5 rgb(155,136,245)
Royal Blue #6551dc rgb(101,81,220)
Au Chico #9d685c rgb(157,104,92)
Black Pearl #040c1c rgb(4,12,28)
Mid Gray #626473 rgb(98,100,115)
Tussock #c6a156 rgb(198,161,86)

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