Hosting: a Free Web Hosting Website Template Hosting: a Free Web Hosting Website Template Hosting: a Free Web Hosting Website Template Hosting: a Free Web Hosting Website Template

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Are you in need of a free web hosting website template with a stylish look and outstanding performance? Look no further, you just came to the right place. Hosting is the template which follows all the mentioned and then some. You will feel fully ready to launch a page for your hosting service business.

The template is responsive and compatible with all the modern web browsers. Either they come from smartphones, tablets or laptops, everyone gets the most out of your website. They have immediate access to your company information and your web hosting plans. Hosting makes your lives uncomplicated and straightforward when it comes to developing the much-needed site. Give yourself a chance to hit the online space with a bang and shake the industry.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Galliano #d7af0a rgb(215,175,10)
Go Ben #72694b rgb(114,105,75)
Calypso #386b97 rgb(56,107,151)
Shark #232425 rgb(35,36,37)
Catskill White #e3edf3 rgb(227,237,243)
Malibu #68b4f4 rgb(104,180,244)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Venice Blue #09477b rgb(9,71,123)
Tundora #444444 rgb(68,68,68)
Havelock Blue #4c94d6 rgb(76,148,214)
Picton Blue #3c98ef rgb(60,152,239)
Mountain Mist #9b9aa0 rgb(155,154,160)
El Paso #241b0a rgb(36,27,10)
Shark #232324 rgb(35,35,36)
Perano #9fd1f1 rgb(159,209,241)
Picton Blue #43a4f4 rgb(67,164,244)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Royal Purple #603ca4 rgb(96,60,164)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Jordy Blue #9cccf4 rgb(156,204,244)
Malibu #5fb7f6 rgb(95,183,246)
Regent Gray #8c98a5 rgb(140,152,165)
Firefly #0b1922 rgb(11,25,34)
Mine Shaft #232323 rgb(35,35,35)
Cornflower Blue #4fa9f7 rgb(79,169,247)
Havelock Blue #4692da rgb(70,146,218)
Edward #acb4b4 rgb(172,180,180)
Saddle #503724 rgb(80,55,36)
Bright Gray #38404c rgb(56,64,76)
Cornflower Blue #6cb4f0 rgb(108,180,240)
Picton Blue #3d98f0 rgb(61,152,240)
Kabul #625243 rgb(98,82,67)
Saddle #523c26 rgb(82,60,38)
Treehouse #37261f rgb(55,38,31)
Sinbad #9bc2d4 rgb(155,194,212)
Cornflower Blue #6cacec rgb(108,172,236)
Edward #a8acac rgb(168,172,172)
Chathams Blue #0f4275 rgb(15,66,117)
Mine Shaft #252525 rgb(37,37,37)
Picton Blue #4495e5 rgb(68,149,229)
Dodger Blue #3999f5 rgb(57,153,245)
Jumbo #737374 rgb(115,115,116)
Blue Zodiac #11284d rgb(17,40,77)
Flint #6b6761 rgb(107,103,97)
Jordy Blue #82bff0 rgb(130,191,240)

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