Lorahost: a Free Hosting Company Website Template Lorahost: a Free Hosting Company Website Template Lorahost: a Free Hosting Company Website Template Lorahost: a Free Hosting Company Website Template Lorahost: a Free Hosting Company Website Template

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With Lorahost, a free hosting company website template, you can create a powerful online presence for your business. Pretty much any web hosting and domain registrar firm can utilize the amazingness Lorahost brings to the table. Bear in mind, Lorahost rocks a one-page website layout which creates a fantastic atmosphere, covering all your services set apart by just a few scrolls.

Lorahost is a Bootstrap Framework page canvas, mobile-ready and responsive. Moreover, it is also compatible with retina screens and web browsers so your masterpiece runs all the time smoothly. From domain search and sticky navigation to pricing plans, hover effects and newsletter subscription, Lorahost has it all and then some. Included are also blog and contact pages. The later contains Google Maps and a working contact form. What are you waiting for, download Lorahost now for free and create a striking hosting company website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 49 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Blue Marguerite #856fc2 rgb(133,111,194)
Blue Marguerite #7268bc rgb(114,104,188)
Daisy Bush #5526ac rgb(85,38,172)
Cold Purple #b4a7da rgb(180,167,218)
Purple Heart #5133b9 rgb(81,51,185)
Spanish Green #7c947c rgb(124,148,124)
Daisy Bush #3325a5 rgb(51,37,165)
Cornflower Blue #7474fc rgb(116,116,252)
Governor Bay #422bac rgb(66,43,172)
Blue Bell #9090cd rgb(144,144,205)
Jacarta #2f2362 rgb(47,35,98)
Charade #2e2d3f rgb(46,45,63)
Cornflower Blue #7c73f8 rgb(124,115,248)
Purple Heart #502dad rgb(80,45,173)
Regent Gray #8c949c rgb(140,148,156)
Jacksons Purple #2c249c rgb(44,36,156)
Daisy Bush #4a29aa rgb(74,41,170)
Blue Bell #9696c1 rgb(150,150,193)
Jacksons Purple #2b249f rgb(43,36,159)
Ebony Clay #21243c rgb(33,36,60)
Cornflower Blue #7c73f9 rgb(124,115,249)
Dodger Blue #3c9cfc rgb(60,156,252)
Manatee #8f8ca7 rgb(143,140,167)
Congress Blue #024282 rgb(2,66,130)
Bismark #446c8c rgb(68,108,140)
Moon Raker #cbcdf3 rgb(203,205,243)
Tory Blue #0d51aa rgb(13,81,170)
Mountain Mist #9b9a9d rgb(155,154,157)
Port Gore #211f51 rgb(33,31,81)
Mortar #58425c rgb(88,66,92)
Regent St Blue #9bcfe3 rgb(155,207,227)
Moody Blue #7c7ccc rgb(124,124,204)
Amethyst Smoke #9494ba rgb(148,148,186)
Haiti #0c142c rgb(12,20,44)
Gun Powder #484860 rgb(72,72,96)
Chetwode Blue #8484dc rgb(132,132,220)
Mid Gray #626272 rgb(98,98,114)
Daisy Bush #3c249c rgb(60,36,156)
Bright Gray #383c52 rgb(56,60,82)
Shakespeare #61b5d0 rgb(97,181,208)
Blue Bell #9697c4 rgb(150,151,196)
Haiti #0c142b rgb(12,20,43)
East Bay #414472 rgb(65,68,114)
Cornflower Blue #7374fb rgb(115,116,251)
Daisy Bush #4a25b4 rgb(74,37,180)
Comet #5f647d rgb(95,100,125)
Governor Bay #3324ab rgb(51,36,171)
Martinique #333953 rgb(51,57,83)
Cornflower Blue #7575fa rgb(117,117,250)

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