Bootstrap 4 Ecommerce UI: A Ready to use kit of components for Marketplaces Bootstrap 4 Ecommerce UI: A Ready to use kit of components for Marketplaces

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Bootstrap-ecommerce ui kit is an open source toolkit for developing e-commerce and booking websites with HTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype with ready made blocks and plugins. Build your entire project with our styles and plugins, responsive design system. This ecommerce ui kit also includes starter kits (ecommerce templates).

On next update we're creating e-commerce design templates on sketch app which contains most used elements of e-commerce web sites such as menu, cards, product details, icons, headers, footers and so on

The color palette of this template is composed by 22 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Hippie Blue #598ab3 rgb(89,138,179)
Gull Gray #9ca8b5 rgb(156,168,181)
Eastern Blue #1386ae rgb(19,134,174)
Tuna #353538 rgb(53,53,56)
Sunglo #e26164 rgb(226,97,100)
Azure Radiance #0f82fc rgb(15,130,252)
Santas Gray #a4a4ac rgb(164,164,172)
Wedgewood #487497 rgb(72,116,151)
Cornflower #89b7ea rgb(137,183,234)
Picton Blue #46a9eb rgb(70,169,235)
Matrix #b24f54 rgb(178,79,84)
San Marino #445c9c rgb(68,92,156)
Scorpion #5c555c rgb(92,85,92)
Whiskey #d0a968 rgb(208,169,104)
Fuchsia Blue #7951c4 rgb(121,81,196)
Jacarta #382163 rgb(56,33,99)
Cornflower #a8ccec rgb(168,204,236)
Studio #6e44bd rgb(110,68,189)
Manatee #999a9d rgb(153,154,157)
Sea Green #349145 rgb(52,145,69)
Tuna #363637 rgb(54,54,55)
Sunglo #e06268 rgb(224,98,104)

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