Appetizer: a Delicious Free Food and Drinks Website Template Appetizer: a Delicious Free Food and Drinks Website Template Appetizer: a Delicious Free Food and Drinks Website Template Appetizer: a Delicious Free Food and Drinks Website Template Appetizer: a Delicious Free Food and Drinks Website Template

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Appetizer is a delicious free food and drinks website template for restaurants, cafes and catering businesses. It is a multi-functional site canvas with striking, modern and mouthwatering web design. If you would like to create a strong first impression on your visitors, Appetizer is the one tool you should take to your benefit. It is just a click away, ready and set for you to put it into play. Presenting your delicious dishes, cocktails and other treats happens much quicker with Appetizer.

Appetizer is based on the powerful Bootstrap Framework for a guarantee to operate on all devices seamlessly. Indeed, Appetizer is mobile-ready, browser compatible and in tune with all retina screens. You can now get things moving forward without the need to start from scratch by choosing a marvelous free website template, Appetizer.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sea Buckthorn #f5a128 rgb(245,161,40)
Friar Gray #868684 rgb(134,134,132)
Eternity #271d12 rgb(39,29,18)
Flint #6a6762 rgb(106,103,98)
Porsche #e8b86d rgb(232,184,109)
Sea Buckthorn #fca424 rgb(252,164,36)
Hemlock #605a41 rgb(96,90,65)
Cinnamon #824e01 rgb(130,78,1)
Flax Smoke #768256 rgb(118,130,86)
Bone #e8dbc8 rgb(232,219,200)
Sea Buckthorn #f8a52c rgb(248,165,44)
Shadow #88674a rgb(136,103,74)
Crowshead #2a170c rgb(42,23,12)
Taupe #423f2e rgb(66,63,46)
Bone #e2d3bc rgb(226,211,188)
Saffron Mango #fcbc5c rgb(252,188,92)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Dell #345c14 rgb(52,92,20)
Judge Gray #544131 rgb(84,65,49)
Yellow Orange #fcac38 rgb(252,172,56)
Tulip Tree #e7a03f rgb(231,160,63)
Natural Gray #858482 rgb(133,132,130)
Nutmeg #7b4624 rgb(123,70,36)
Go Ben #71704b rgb(113,112,75)
Brandy #dbbb8a rgb(219,187,138)
Tulip Tree #f1a441 rgb(241,164,65)
Indian Khaki #c8a98e rgb(200,169,142)
Antique Bronze #7b4909 rgb(123,73,9)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Rose Fog #e3c5ad rgb(227,197,173)
Tan #d1a887 rgb(209,168,135)
Roman Coffee #7e5b45 rgb(126,91,69)
Astral #2f91a5 rgb(47,145,165)
Tuatara #333231 rgb(51,50,49)
Sea Buckthorn #f6a532 rgb(246,165,50)
Sea Buckthorn #fca42c rgb(252,164,44)
Hillary #ac9c84 rgb(172,156,132)
Cinnamon #824c01 rgb(130,76,1)
Cape Cod #4c5151 rgb(76,81,81)
Rajah #f9be66 rgb(249,190,102)
Bitter #80847a rgb(128,132,122)
Cognac #a93e1c rgb(169,62,28)
Pine Cone #6c5c51 rgb(108,92,81)
Twine #c48c5d rgb(196,140,93)
Sea Buckthorn #f8a42a rgb(248,164,42)
Beaver #89695c rgb(137,105,92)
Peru Tan #804d04 rgb(128,77,4)
Thunder #393839 rgb(57,56,57)
Aths Special #ece2d2 rgb(236,226,210)
Carrot Orange #ee9727 rgb(238,151,39)
Pine Cone #6c6258 rgb(108,98,88)
Cognac #a03b1c rgb(160,59,28)
Taupe #3e312b rgb(62,49,43)
Desert Sand #ecc6ae rgb(236,198,174)

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