Dingo: a Tasty and Delicious Free Food and Restaurant Website Template Dingo: a Tasty and Delicious Free Food and Restaurant Website Template Dingo: a Tasty and Delicious Free Food and Restaurant Website Template Dingo: a Tasty and Delicious Free Food and Restaurant Website Template Dingo: a Tasty and Delicious Free Food and Restaurant Website Template

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Dingo is a tasty and delicious free food and restaurant website template with minimal, modern and responsive web design. It is based on the popular Bootstrap Framework what makes Dingo flexible and extendable. While you can use the site canvas precisely as is, you are also free to edit and improve it according to your branding regulations. The options are very many when it comes to convenient and easy to use Dingo.

Speaking of features, Dingo has quite a bunch for sure. While it follows all the latest web practices, Dingo also sports a sticky navbar, categorized menu and full book a table form with time and date pickers amongst all the rest. If you would like to present your restaurant and food business on the web in the best possible light, make it exclusive with Dingo.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Copper #bc7132 rgb(188,113,50)
Leather #937158 rgb(147,113,88)
Wood Bark #2f0e06 rgb(47,14,6)
Roman Coffee #845f51 rgb(132,95,81)
Di Serria #d8a666 rgb(216,166,102)
Sycamore #8e8636 rgb(142,134,54)
Gull Gray #97adb6 rgb(151,173,182)
Potters Clay #895b38 rgb(137,91,56)
Cocoa Brown #251f1c rgb(37,31,28)
Antique Brass #c4916d rgb(196,145,109)
Earls Green #b9c433 rgb(185,196,51)
Nepal #8aa7ba rgb(138,167,186)
Sepia Skin #a16b39 rgb(161,107,57)
Oil #1f1912 rgb(31,25,18)
Twine #c59f75 rgb(197,159,117)
Copper Canyon #8b3f13 rgb(139,63,19)
Edward #b1b4b4 rgb(177,180,180)
Olive Drab #649424 rgb(100,148,36)
Night Rider #140c0a rgb(20,12,10)
Apache #dcc478 rgb(220,196,120)
Sycamore #9b8241 rgb(155,130,65)
Friar Gray #818180 rgb(129,129,128)
Metallic Bronze #453219 rgb(69,50,25)
Chalet Green #496437 rgb(73,100,55)
Chenin #ddc67c rgb(221,198,124)
Mule Fawn #97572e rgb(151,87,46)
Dawn #a4a099 rgb(164,160,153)
Spice #6a402a rgb(106,64,42)
Cocoa Brown #32231e rgb(50,35,30)
Terracotta #e18949 rgb(225,137,73)
Paarl #9c592c rgb(156,89,44)
Manatee #99999a rgb(153,153,154)
Pickled Bean #673d21 rgb(103,61,33)
Cocoa Brown #27221f rgb(39,34,31)
Pavlova #d7c49e rgb(215,196,158)
Antique Brass #c49876 rgb(196,152,118)
Tobacco Brown #745f46 rgb(116,95,70)
Cafe Royale #6e2c09 rgb(110,44,9)
Fuscous Gray #5c5c4e rgb(92,92,78)
Di Serria #da8652 rgb(218,134,82)
Coral #fc8454 rgb(252,132,84)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Kenyan Copper #822602 rgb(130,38,2)
Burning Orange #fc6c34 rgb(252,108,52)
Cape Palliser #b07344 rgb(176,115,68)
Gray Chateau #a2a8aa rgb(162,168,170)
Pickled Bean #6f4020 rgb(111,64,32)
Shark #26282b rgb(38,40,43)
Whiskey #cfa277 rgb(207,162,119)
Jaffa #ee6b37 rgb(238,107,55)
Star Dust #989794 rgb(152,151,148)
Aztec #111f25 rgb(17,31,37)
Tuna #323235 rgb(50,50,53)
Eunry #d1b09c rgb(209,176,156)

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