Eatery: a Spectacular Free HTML5 Restaurant Website Template Eatery: a Spectacular Free HTML5 Restaurant Website Template Eatery: a Spectacular Free HTML5 Restaurant Website Template

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With a spectacular free HTML5 restaurant website template like Eatery, you will surely capture everyone’s attention in an instant. Salivate their mouth with beautiful and delicious images that will make them want to book a table right away. Moreover, with Eatery, you can present your restaurant or any other food business on the web in the best possible light. Share your history, how you started, push your must-try menu and even start a blog.

As for the features, Eatery sports a full-screen slider, call-to-action buttons, on scroll content load, food slider and customer reviews/testimonials. It also does not miss a fully functional contact form which you can utilize out of the box. Use Eatery exactly as is or improve it per your restaurant branding regulations; whatever the case, the final product will surely be a tasty masterpiece.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Thunderbird #c92b1f rgb(201,43,31)
Edward #9ca4a3 rgb(156,164,163)
Spicy Mix #80513c rgb(128,81,60)
Flint #6f6d6a rgb(111,109,106)
Contessa #bd7167 rgb(189,113,103)
Paarl #a85728 rgb(168,87,40)
Hillary #af9f86 rgb(175,159,134)
Pickled Bean #6b3c22 rgb(107,60,34)
Shark #202222 rgb(32,34,34)
Thunderbird #d11c17 rgb(209,28,23)
Leather #93724b rgb(147,114,75)
Espresso #63301c rgb(99,48,28)
Shark #212427 rgb(33,36,39)
Grain Brown #dfcdb1 rgb(223,205,177)
Cape Palliser #a77647 rgb(167,118,71)
Tobacco Brown #665541 rgb(102,85,65)
Wasabi #849c2c rgb(132,156,44)
Outer Space #282e32 rgb(40,46,50)
Grain Brown #e0caac rgb(224,202,172)
Thunderbird #d0261e rgb(208,38,30)
Regent Gray #8c949c rgb(140,148,156)
Cocoa Bean #5c2424 rgb(92,36,36)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Roman #dc5c5c rgb(220,92,92)
Brown Rust #9e5c34 rgb(158,92,52)
Gray Chateau #9aa0a2 rgb(154,160,162)
Spice #6a472c rgb(106,71,44)
Tuatara #282723 rgb(40,39,35)
Tussock #d09754 rgb(208,151,84)
Thunderbird #cc1e19 rgb(204,30,25)
Tapa #777371 rgb(119,115,113)
Crown of Thorns #732629 rgb(115,38,41)
Woody Brown #4a3736 rgb(74,55,54)
Aths Special #ece3cf rgb(236,227,207)

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