Sneaky: a Free Responsive Food Website Template Sneaky: a Free Responsive Food Website Template Sneaky: a Free Responsive Food Website Template Sneaky: a Free Responsive Food Website Template Sneaky: a Free Responsive Food Website Template

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Sneaky is a clean, tasty and mouthwatering free responsive food website template. This tool works great with restaurants, pizzerias, delivery, catering and other businesses in the food space. The minimal web design of Sneaky will put all your delicious dishes on display in a satisfying way. On top of that, Sneaky is also mobile-ready, retina screen friendly and cross-browser compatible. In other words, your website will appear beautifully on all devices and platforms for an always excellent experience.

There is a cool split-screen slider, call-to-action buttons, sticky navbar, daily deal module, food menu and a full-blown booking form included in the bundle. Besides Sneaky also comes with blog pages for you to start a food blog, sharing recipes and other useful tricks and tips. Capture their emails with the newsletter subscription form and connect your website to your thriving social media accounts.

The color palette of this template is composed by 50 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Golden Grass #daab2a rgb(218,171,42)
Dolphin #636276 rgb(99,98,118)
Pesto #788031 rgb(120,128,49)
Heavy Metal #383a33 rgb(56,58,51)
Golden Dream #edc42d rgb(237,196,45)
Raw Sienna #d18540 rgb(209,133,64)
Mountain Mist #9a999f rgb(154,153,159)
Spice #69452d rgb(105,69,45)
Treehouse #36251f rgb(54,37,31)
Cornflower Blue #7474fb rgb(116,116,251)
Tia Maria #dd2b0c rgb(221,43,12)
Oslo Gray #898d95 rgb(137,141,149)
Cape Palliser #987242 rgb(152,114,66)
Mid Gray #5c5d69 rgb(92,93,105)
Yuma #d0c08e rgb(208,192,142)
Tuscany #b05d2e rgb(176,93,46)
Nevada #646c74 rgb(100,108,116)
Pueblo #772c12 rgb(119,44,18)
Zeus #241c18 rgb(36,28,24)
Anzac #df9844 rgb(223,152,68)
Peanut #833619 rgb(131,54,25)
Santa Fe #b0784d rgb(176,120,77)
Meteor #bd7610 rgb(189,118,16)
Thunder #262223 rgb(38,34,35)
Scarlet #e32304 rgb(227,35,4)
Thatch #b9a596 rgb(185,165,150)
Potters Clay #93503a rgb(147,80,58)
Zeus #221e1a rgb(34,30,26)
Muddy Waters #bc8b65 rgb(188,139,101)
Potters Clay #904f3c rgb(144,79,60)
Dune #25211e rgb(37,33,30)
Cornflower Blue #7374fb rgb(115,116,251)
Whiskey #d09460 rgb(208,148,96)
Hillary #aca47c rgb(172,164,124)
Potters Clay #8c6c34 rgb(140,108,52)
Leather #94744c rgb(148,116,76)
Cinnabar #e45434 rgb(228,84,52)
Spun Pearl #b0acb4 rgb(176,172,180)
Pueblo #75220f rgb(117,34,15)
Comet #54546c rgb(84,84,108)
Portage #8479ee rgb(132,121,238)
Paarl #ae502e rgb(174,80,46)
Santas Gray #9b9aaa rgb(155,154,170)
Olive Drab #648326 rgb(100,131,38)
Tuatara #35342f rgb(53,52,47)
Thunderbird #ca3220 rgb(202,50,32)
Amethyst Smoke #928fb0 rgb(146,143,176)
Jacksons Purple #25278a rgb(37,39,138)
Martinique #332f48 rgb(51,47,72)
Cornflower Blue #7e73ef rgb(126,115,239)

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