Kusina: a Professional Free Cafe and Restaurant Website Template Kusina: a Professional Free Cafe and Restaurant Website Template Kusina: a Professional Free Cafe and Restaurant Website Template Kusina: a Professional Free Cafe and Restaurant Website Template

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Kusina is an outstanding, mouthwatering and professional free cafe and restaurant website template. The web design of Kusina will grab everyone’s attention and make their bellies scream with happiness. It welcomes all your potential customers with a full-screen split-screen slider that enhances their engagement with beautiful photography. Kusina is a Bootstrap Framework template what tells you more than enough about its responsiveness and flexibility. Indeed, it is 100% mobile-ready, as well as compatible with web browsers and retina screens.

When it comes to features, there are very many Kusina treats you to. Sticky navbar, on scroll content load, animated statistics, food and drinks menu, parallax effect and testimonials. Introduce your skilled chefs and get your visitors to book a table with the included reservation form. The features are there, you just need to utilize Kusina and all its goodies to craft a magnificent cafe or restaurant website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Luxor Gold #a17c2c rgb(161,124,44)
Domino #98865e rgb(152,134,94)
Costa Del Sol #5d502b rgb(93,80,43)
Tuna #3c3c44 rgb(60,60,68)
Cashmere #e4c0a2 rgb(228,192,162)
Red Damask #e16a3d rgb(225,106,61)
Scorpion #6b6469 rgb(107,100,105)
Hacienda #9a721a rgb(154,114,26)
Shingle Fawn #70503a rgb(112,80,58)
Gold Sand #ecbf98 rgb(236,191,152)
Burnt Sienna #e9693b rgb(233,105,59)
Dorado #624f4b rgb(98,79,75)
Pickled Bean #724521 rgb(114,69,33)
Night Rider #140b09 rgb(20,11,9)
Contessa #bb7564 rgb(187,117,100)
Laser #c4ac74 rgb(196,172,116)
Sage #949c7c rgb(148,156,124)
Costa Del Sol #605d2c rgb(96,93,44)
Dingley #6c7c4c rgb(108,124,76)
Tussock #d09c54 rgb(208,156,84)
Driftwood #b2834c rgb(178,131,76)
Natural Gray #8b8a85 rgb(139,138,133)
Nutmeg #814c29 rgb(129,76,41)
Birch #352c21 rgb(53,44,33)
Straw #d4bc8d rgb(212,188,141)
Tuscany #ce622d rgb(206,98,45)
Friar Gray #868076 rgb(134,128,118)
Bilbao #147919 rgb(20,121,25)
Shuttle Gray #586371 rgb(88,99,113)
Chestnut Rose #d3665a rgb(211,102,90)
Punch #df4444 rgb(223,68,68)
Pharlap #9e8372 rgb(158,131,114)
Sepia Skin #9c643c rgb(156,100,60)
Flint #726961 rgb(114,105,97)
Carnation #f15e5e rgb(241,94,94)
Forest Green #1b8119 rgb(27,129,25)
Bermuda Gray #728dae rgb(114,141,174)
Crown of Thorns #812026 rgb(129,32,38)
Shuttle Gray #566376 rgb(86,99,118)
Glacier #87afc7 rgb(135,175,199)
Carnation #f24a4a rgb(242,74,74)
Coral Tree #a57969 rgb(165,121,105)
Prairie Sand #9e3925 rgb(158,57,37)
Tobacco Brown #6a5746 rgb(106,87,70)
Saffron #f0bf31 rgb(240,191,49)

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