Foodfun: a Modern and Professional Free Food and Drink Website Template Foodfun: a Modern and Professional Free Food and Drink Website Template Foodfun: a Modern and Professional Free Food and Drink Website Template Foodfun: a Modern and Professional Free Food and Drink Website Template

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Foodfun is a delicious, modern and professional free food and drink website template that takes everyone’s breath away. You can use Foodfun for restaurants, fast food stations, pizzerias, even catering businesses without hassle. Its highly adaptive, clean and to the point web design works in your favor, making sure you deliver an outstanding experience and hook everyone immediately. Create a food adventure with a spectacular website and fulfill customer’s hunger.

From top to bottom, Foodfun is enriched with excellent features and elements that will put your food business ahead of the competition. Of course, you can always improve the default style with your creative touches and make it stand out from the masses with ease. Create a must-try food and drink menu, start a blog and profit from the included contact form and integrated Google Maps.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ochre #cc7027 rgb(204,112,39)
Fiord #475068 rgb(71,80,104)
Espresso #683a1b rgb(104,58,27)
Pickled Bluewood #25334a rgb(37,51,74)
Tulip Tree #edae45 rgb(237,174,69)
Buttercup #f4a01a rgb(244,160,26)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Jambalaya #683417 rgb(104,52,23)
Mid Gray #6d6d72 rgb(109,109,114)
Straw #d4c178 rgb(212,193,120)
Apache #dfc373 rgb(223,195,115)
Oslo Gray #949699 rgb(148,150,153)
Brown Derby #472817 rgb(71,40,23)
Trout #525964 rgb(82,89,100)
Double Colonial White #ecd7a1 rgb(236,215,161)
Buttercup #f5af0a rgb(245,175,10)
Mongoose #b3a982 rgb(179,169,130)
Cumin #8b4624 rgb(139,70,36)
Zeus #2d211a rgb(45,33,26)
Bright Sun #fccc4c rgb(252,204,76)
Sun #f8b30d rgb(248,179,13)
Pharlap #9f7d71 rgb(159,125,113)
Pesto #858531 rgb(133,133,49)
Oil #2c1f19 rgb(44,31,25)
Tacao #eeb578 rgb(238,181,120)
Celery #b2b844 rgb(178,184,68)
Dorado #645956 rgb(100,89,86)
Thunderbird #bf2a21 rgb(191,42,33)
Mine Shaft #312a2a rgb(49,42,42)
Wild Willow #c7c86e rgb(199,200,110)
Gamboge #e4a40e rgb(228,164,14)
Stonewall #948474 rgb(148,132,116)
Deep Oak #402610 rgb(64,38,16)
Mako #3e4145 rgb(62,65,69)
Tacha #cbd062 rgb(203,208,98)
Dusty Gray #9d908f rgb(157,144,143)
Tall Poppy #b62423 rgb(182,36,35)
Costa Del Sol #59532c rgb(89,83,44)
Winter Hazel #d5d48d rgb(213,212,141)
Buttercup #f5b413 rgb(245,180,19)
Mako #464b54 rgb(70,75,84)
Deep Oak #3f260e rgb(63,38,14)
Zeus #15120e rgb(21,18,14)
Laser #caa86d rgb(202,168,109)

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