Nordnet UI Kit: a ReactJS User Interface Kit Nordnet UI Kit: a ReactJS User Interface Kit Nordnet UI Kit: a ReactJS User Interface Kit Nordnet UI Kit: a ReactJS User Interface Kit

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Nordnet React.js UI Kit provides you with a basic collection of elements that can be easily embedded in your application.

The color palette of this template is composed by 37 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Emerald #42cd42 rgb(66,205,66)
Star Dust #949491 rgb(148,148,145)
Parsley #1b681b rgb(27,104,27)
Ironside Gray #6d6c69 rgb(109,108,105)
Sunglow #fbd431 rgb(251,212,49)
Dodger Blue #2d64f4 rgb(45,100,244)
Catalina Blue #06277e rgb(6,39,126)
Malibu #6c94fc rgb(108,148,252)
Blue Ribbon #0444fa rgb(4,68,250)
River Bed #465863 rgb(70,88,99)
Sapphire #2e55a0 rgb(46,85,160)
Cornflower #96bbeb rgb(150,187,235)
Polo Blue #84accc rgb(132,172,204)
Shady Lady #b4acb4 rgb(180,172,180)
Blue Dianne #26455d rgb(38,69,93)
Spindle #abc3ea rgb(171,195,234)
Mariner #1d52dc rgb(29,82,220)
Cutty Sark #597271 rgb(89,114,113)
Azure #345e9d rgb(52,94,157)
Bastille #140f15 rgb(20,15,21)
Havelock Blue #6487da rgb(100,135,218)
Dodger Blue #5484fc rgb(84,132,252)
Delta #acaca8 rgb(172,172,168)
Resolution Blue #022682 rgb(2,38,130)
Pigeon Post #a8c8d8 rgb(168,200,216)
Gray Chateau #a8b0b6 rgb(168,176,182)
Pigeon Post #b4ccdc rgb(180,204,220)
Kashmir Blue #406990 rgb(64,105,144)
Tapa #837b73 rgb(131,123,115)
Rhino #28425b rgb(40,66,91)
Shuttle Gray #55636c rgb(85,99,108)
Cornflower #9bbeea rgb(155,190,234)
Havelock Blue #527fdf rgb(82,127,223)
Blue Bayoux #526f82 rgb(82,111,130)
Matisse #206a99 rgb(32,106,153)
Dune #35312d rgb(53,49,45)
Cornflower #99bce6 rgb(153,188,230)

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