Steakshop: a Free Chophouse Website Template Steakshop: a Free Chophouse Website Template Steakshop: a Free Chophouse Website Template Steakshop: a Free Chophouse Website Template Steakshop: a Free Chophouse Website Template

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If you are looking to present your amazing restaurant online, Steakshop is the free chophouse website template you should study further. The page canvas has a modern and clean look with a great attention to detail. Impressing your loyal fans and random guests will be a breeze with Steakshop. See it for yourself by heading over to the live preview page and you will be impressed and hooked in an instant.

Some of the numerous rewarding features of Steakshop are sticky sidebar navigation, emphasis on visual content and sophistication. Included in the kit are also foods and drinks menu, complete reservation form, as well as a full blog section. With this free chophouse and steakhouse website template, you can have your web space sorted out in its entirety quick and reliable. Get meat lovers to indulge in your tastiness.

The color palette of this template is composed by 52 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dallas #78542c rgb(120,84,44)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Sepia Skin #9b513d rgb(155,81,61)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Putty #e9c994 rgb(233,201,148)
Pomegranate #f23838 rgb(242,56,56)
Sandstone #786c64 rgb(120,108,100)
Mikado #322411 rgb(50,36,17)
Verdigris #625737 rgb(98,87,55)
Carnation #f45c5c rgb(244,92,92)
Hokey Pokey #d4ab30 rgb(212,171,48)
Yellow Metal #786c3b rgb(120,108,59)
Spice #66472a rgb(102,71,42)
Woodland #444c21 rgb(68,76,33)
Pomegranate #f12f2e rgb(241,47,46)
Twine #bf7d55 rgb(191,125,85)
Oslo Gray #849294 rgb(132,146,148)
Copper Rust #945041 rgb(148,80,65)
Don Juan #594c4e rgb(89,76,78)
Tan #d3b694 rgb(211,182,148)
Antique Brass #ca8454 rgb(202,132,84)
Oslo Gray #878f92 rgb(135,143,146)
Elephant #102e3c rgb(16,46,60)
Sepia Skin #945040 rgb(148,80,64)
Tan #d5b391 rgb(213,179,145)
Muddy Waters #c09470 rgb(192,148,112)
Sandstone #746761 rgb(116,103,97)
Cello #234b65 rgb(35,75,101)
Blue Bayoux #3f6179 rgb(63,97,121)
Muddy Waters #ba875a rgb(186,135,90)
Dorado #6b5b56 rgb(107,91,86)
Sepia Skin #a25f3e rgb(162,95,62)
English Walnut #3c2923 rgb(60,41,35)
Pomegranate #f3302e rgb(243,48,46)
Yellow Metal #84693f rgb(132,105,63)
Sycamore #948c44 rgb(148,140,68)
Armadillo #44443a rgb(68,68,58)
Sorrell Brown #caa888 rgb(202,168,136)
Pomegranate #f03636 rgb(240,54,54)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Sepia Black #310404 rgb(49,4,4)
Flint #645f5c rgb(100,95,92)
Tussock #cc9657 rgb(204,150,87)
Bud #a4aba1 rgb(164,171,161)
Potters Clay #875835 rgb(135,88,53)
Siam #696d61 rgb(105,109,97)
Tan #d6b693 rgb(214,182,147)
Pomegranate #f22f2e rgb(242,47,46)
Flint #696562 rgb(105,101,98)
Rebel #3c0706 rgb(60,7,6)
Masala #403a37 rgb(64,58,55)
Froly #f5786a rgb(245,120,106)

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