Rooftop: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template Rooftop: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template Rooftop: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template Rooftop: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template

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If you run a food business, you will surely want to check out Rooftop free responsive restaurant website template. It is a striking page canvas with beautiful and very appealing web design. That said, you will have no trouble capturing their attention and get them to book a table. Speaking of booking a table, Rooftop comes with a full form with both date and time pickers integrated into its layout for your convenience.

Other specialties of Rooftop are tasty and original food menu, Google Maps, functional contact form, social media buttons and newsletter subscription widget. There is also an additional blog section which you can use to share recipes, announce special events and for general content marketing. Whatever you do with Rooftop you are guaranteed to have a responsive restaurant website winning you over fresh customers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tan #cda48c rgb(205,164,140)
Aluminium #a7a9ad rgb(167,169,173)
Sushi #99a93a rgb(153,169,58)
Tobacco Brown #665544 rgb(102,85,68)
Antique Brass #c29475 rgb(194,148,117)
Feijoa #9cd884 rgb(156,216,132)
Indian Khaki #c4b48c rgb(196,180,140)
Dell #33641f rgb(51,100,31)
Linen #fcf4f2 rgb(252,244,242)
Gimblet #bca672 rgb(188,166,114)
Dawn #999691 rgb(153,150,145)
Costa Del Sol #594b2a rgb(89,75,42)
Corduroy #676a67 rgb(103,106,103)
Stark White #e9e0c5 rgb(233,224,197)
Anzac #d8bc3c rgb(216,188,60)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Himalaya #6e5e16 rgb(110,94,22)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Fantasy #fcf4f4 rgb(252,244,244)
Laser #c4a474 rgb(196,164,116)
Teak #aa9a66 rgb(170,154,102)
Cloud Burst #1c2a4c rgb(28,42,76)
Cement #826e5a rgb(130,110,90)
Almond #eee2c2 rgb(238,226,194)
Antique Brass #c48460 rgb(196,132,96)
Sandal #aa8c6b rgb(170,140,107)
Kumera #946424 rgb(148,100,36)
Roman Coffee #7c5c45 rgb(124,92,69)
Cashmere #e9bca4 rgb(233,188,164)
Meteor #ce7f14 rgb(206,127,20)
Bronco #aca19a rgb(172,161,154)
Kumera #966620 rgb(150,102,32)
Roman Coffee #7d6453 rgb(125,100,83)
Porsche #e8b672 rgb(232,182,114)
Nutmeg #7e532d rgb(126,83,45)
Schooner #908782 rgb(144,135,130)
Hawaiian Tan #885616 rgb(136,86,22)
Taupe #473a34 rgb(71,58,52)
Cameo #d6b09c rgb(214,176,156)
Fuel Yellow #eca433 rgb(236,164,51)
Teak #b1986e rgb(177,152,110)
Cafe Royale #70410f rgb(112,65,15)
Yellow Metal #796e3f rgb(121,110,63)
Tacao #eabf83 rgb(234,191,131)

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